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Published on Nov 15, 2016

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We have all seen kids playing, dancing and performing feats that might actually be considered rare for their age. But how many of us have witnessed kids with real superpowers?

Ever since the concept of super humans and super powers has come into being, kids and adults have been exposed to the possibility of the existence of humans with super powers. It does not come as a surprise when we hear kids wishing to be like their favorite, omnipotent cartoon characters or yearning to be able to operate like their most loved action figures. In fact, it has now become a common aim for most of the kids to become a superhero and to possess powers similar to the characters they read about and watch. Most of these kids long to have real superpowers, which according to them, are supersonic speeds, startling strength, the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes, to control the weather systems, to be able to fly etc.

While many kids are dreaming to possess real superpowers, Lil Abby has the honor of actually being blessed with a real superpower. Is it about time that the world welcomed kids with real superpower? We might not have a definite answer to this question yet, but we have Abby to prove that having real superpowers is very much possible.
Lil Abby can be called the mini Wonder Woman without an ounce of hesitation. While most of us have seen Lil Abby riding her kid’s scooter with impeccable accuracy in the Plummer Park of Los Angeles, we have not yet seen her unleashing her inner, incredible super-human strength. Yes, the same Abby who is fond of BFF dance parties that feature her bff song dance, she surpasses the most powerful men in the history of mankind when it comes to the display of strength. All thanks to Abby, people now might start having faith in kids with real superpowers.

Having a delightful, happy aura, no one could have guessed that Lil Abby possesses real superpower that she is not afraid to make a show off. However, Abby is a good girl who knows when to use her power and for what kind of purposes.

Anytime you see a wrecked pavement around the Plummer Park of Los Angeles, you would know that Lil Abby has made a small array of her real superpowers. By merely jumping, Lil Abby has the ability to crush the pavement’s top layer into crumbled pieces, exposing the coarse subsurface coating. This feat might leave most of the people in awe, but for Abby and kids with real superpowers, it is just another ordinary day and an ordinary display of superpowers. There hardly is a kid as cool as our beloved Lil Abby.

Come see what happens!!!

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