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Published on May 20, 2014

AP Calculus BC extra credit math project
*not meant to be taken seriously*
[Intro] I've been hating, I've been hating
Myself for taking this class since we had started
Integrating, integrating
Why can't I find the area above the axis underneath the curve?
Why can't I find the area above the axis underneath the curve?

[Verse 1] It'd be nice, it'd be nice
If when I attempted my homework on the very first try I'd
Do it right, do it right
To find that region, region, region in between the curves, na na
What could the answer be? Thirty? Forty? Underneath the curve
Integrate, I love math

[Hook] We need to find position given only the velocity function, oh baby
Integrate, from a to b
Last thing to remember is make sure when you are all done that you add a plus C
Add plus C

[Bridge] Capital F, of, b minus
Capital F, of, a

[Verse 2] That's calculus, Fundamental Theorem
No complaints to the teacher, she so good she won't hear 'em
Now I'm thinking, about this problem a lot, number 12
I'm sitting on it, sit-sitting on it, now I'm stuck, call for help
Now I'm thinking, get my brain right
Sub U for the function now that's tight
Replace the b, replace the a, and anti-differentiate
Boy, I'm thinking, x to the n
Minus 1 times 1 over n
F of b minus F of a
Then add to it a constant, constant, constant
Substituting U, yeah I'm substituting U
I'm integrating that, find that, value of that big area
Doing all this, work, now I doin' it good, good


[Verse 3] Hold up
What do I do with two functions multiplied?
With two functions multiplied? With two functions multiplied? Hold up
When I can't substitute U, baby show me what to do
Like you did all in the car, talkin' bout the hardest problem thus far
Now I'm talkin' about udu, I wanna see uv minus vdu
U be L-I-P-E-T, hope you can handle this curve
This problem be too long, messed up my notebook
Push the mathbook right to the side
Ain't got the time, girl I need a...short cut
Now I tell you what, fill the table right up
F of x on the left, g of x, right, write up
Derivatives of f, now integrate g of x
Said "integrate g of x"
That's fine, y'all need to draw these lines
You gonna need to alternate plus and minus signs, that's right
We testin' this in the morning, I hope you eat a good breakfast
We'll get an A, Capital F...


[Verse 4] I'm really tired, really tired
Approximating, that's the last thing that be staying on
My mind, on my mind
Fill the graph with rectangles and add up all the areas but
I've been thinking, trapezoids
Would fit the graph much better, nicely underneath the curve
But that is only an approximation...calculus



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