Rare 9/11 WTC Attack Footage Insane Sound!





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Published on Mar 31, 2011

This is a rare 9/11 WTC attack footage that will knock you completely out of your seat. Hold on! The impact is so loud and explosive its unreal! 9/11 Memorial is soon, God Bless the USA...RIP.

Need to see the other side of what life can look like watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCCYc... or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ev_c...



Good ol' Boys Fishing Trip gets Explosive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpMjY...

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Emperor Squidy
How to get 1,000,000 views. Put "rare" in the title.
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Rare 9/11 footage insane sound!
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Silent Song
There was a three year old in that plane on her way to disney world. She never got to go :`(
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Mario Addis
Remember the religion that did this to our country.
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Oz Bloke
I once gave Americans credit for being fairly intelligent people....I have some good friends there....however, after reading many of these whacko conspiracy theories still going round I now feel a little pity for the obvious lack of common sense, but then again, you guys invented Hollywood and made it what it is today - fantasyland!
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Jane K
Al qaeda did it, but it was still bush's fault. He just had to piss them off.
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G Heald
So, it appears Believers chose to take the blue bill maintaining there false sense of security, must be afraid to review and/or realize how impossible the official 9-11 story is and preventing them from performing there civil duty of questioning the Government. Nope, these dim wits also opted to hang around outside the rabbit hole and throw stones, yell profanities and make personal attacks against the ones taking the red pill. Go Figure! It's probably the saddest most pathetic display of patriotic ignorance from a group of the most clueless morons ever assembled. Failing to face your fears attacking the ones who can, never finding out how deep the hole goes ensures they have no answer why over a thousand terror suspects were arrested during a Main Stream Media (MSM) feeding frenzy following the attack on 9-11? And why victims families waited for the trials to begin they never did, all were slowly and quietly released without any charges being filed absent any reports by MSM this occurred? This leaves you in clueless denial and is exactly why the Nations Framers warned us to question Government about everything. Adding failure to do so should be treated as an Act of Treason.
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Jason Keenan
This audio from this is more powerful than all the visual footage combined.
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Śūnyatā Advaita
Our CIA was aware an attack was eminent. They didn't know a specific date but it was known that planes would be hijacked and flown into the buildings. To capitalize on this the buildings were rigged with explosives in the several months leading up to the attack, for ultimate dramatic effect. PLEASE look up "The New American Century" a plan that was drafted by our military BEFORE 9/11 to take over the middle east. 7 countries to be exact. All that was needed was a "Pearl Harbor type event" to quote the pamphlet.
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Ethan Owens
fake noise added to a fake plane hitting a building.
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