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Published on Jul 29, 2008

Hey guys! I already did this episode, but then the program I'm using (OneTrueMedia) suddenly deleted it. I got sooo pissed off, I stayed away from my computer for awhile. But, I'm back, and I am going to copy the story so I can just paste it if I lose it again. Watch the last epi to find out what happened.

Oh, and by the way: There is language in here. The F word is used a few times. So is the H word, the A word with a variation, and the D word. I don't like the S word that much. Won't be used often.

Unknown person: Well look who we have here.
Demi: *turns around and gasps* Daddy?!
Mr. Lovato: Hey Princess.
Demi: *gets up and hugs him tight* I missed you soo much!!!
Mr. Lovato: I missed you too! I have good news.
Demi: What?
Mr. Lovato: I can't say without your mother. Let's go home.
Demi: Uh...
Mr. Lovato: What's wrong, pumpkin?
Demi: Well...a lot...
Mr. Lovato: Talk to me. What happened?
Demi: You know the Jonas Brothers, right?
Mr. Lovato: Yeah, kinda.
Demi: Well, I am good friends with Nick, the youngest, and so is Lena.
Mr. Lovato: Really? How did that happen?
Demi: OH!!! I NEVER TOLD YOU!! OHMYGOSH!! Daddy!! Guess what!!!
Mr. Lovato: WHAT?
Mr. Lovato: REALLY? That's great, sweetie! *hugs her*
Demi: *hugs back* Thanks! *pulls away* It is actually a musical. Nick and I were working together on the songs, which are already written and recorded. We became very good friends. I also became good friends with Meaghan Jette Martin, Alyson Stoner, and Kevin Jonas!!
Mr. Lovato: That's great! But, I thought there were 3 Jonases.
Demi: There are. Well, actually 4, but I only know 2 and wish I didn't know 1.
Mr. Lovato: Why do you wish you didn't know said Jonas.
Demi: He's very obnoxious and egotistical. He is basically a big-headed rockstar.
Mr. Lovato: Oh, come on, Demi!
Demi: He is!
Mr. Lovato: Look. I am going to tell you something I know you have heard before. But please listen.
Demi: Yeah?
Mr. Lovato: Don't judge a book by its cover.
Demi: *rolls her eyes* Yeah yeah.
Mr. Lovato: Just think about it. Now, let's go! *stands up and holds out his hand* I am bursting to tell you the news!!
Demi: *smiles and takes his hand and they walk to his car*

On the car ride home, Demi actually thought about what her father had said. 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'
In Demi's mind: Well, Dad doesn't know Joe. The way he...how he...what he...OH NO!!! I totally messed up this time!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW JOE!!! UGH!!! He probably thinks I am a total bitch now. If only I could apologize!! He probably won't even want to look at me, let alone talk to me...
Mr. Lovato: We're here!
Demi: Kay.
They get out and walk into the house. Demi is too busy thinking about Joe that she doesn't see her dad and mom kissing. She finally looks up and sees them, and stops in her tracks. Her mouth hung open.
Mr. Lovato: I guess we should tell her the news.
Ms. Lovato: Yup! Demi, guess what?!
Demi: *kinda nervous and excited (anxious?)* WHAT?!
Mr. and Ms. Lovato: We're getting re-married!
Demi: *stands there with her mouth open*

Lena and Nick went out to look for Joe. They were originally going to split up and talk to Joe and Demi by themselves, but Lena had a feeling that they should both go talk to Joe. Nick agreed, and off they went.
Lena: JOE?!
Nick: JOE?!
Joe: WHAT!
Lena: Jeez, chillax, why don'cha?
Joe: *rolls his eyes and looks out at the stream*
Nick: Look, dude. Go talk to Demi.
Joe: How the hell am I supposed to do that?! She runs away everytime I fucking try!!
Lena: Could you not curse and yell at us? We are trying to help!
Joe: God damn it! You're not helping by telling me to do stuff that is fucking impossible!!!
Nick: Don't say that to her! She is right! You ARE getting mad at us! The only way to EVER fix this is for you to talk to Demi. We are going back to her house. Come there when you're done being a jackass. Come on, Selena.
Joe: *glares at him and then looks away*
Lena: *gives him a disgusted look and goes with Nick*
Joe: *still mad*
Joe: *the mad washes away immediatley and he realizes all he said and did* DAMN IT!! *gets up and runs after Nick and Selena* NICK!!! SELENA!!!
Nelena: WHAT!?!?
Joe: I'm sorry. I just don't get why Demi doesn't like me, and I felt like taking my anger out on you. I am really sorry for yelling at you guys. You didn't deserve it. I'm really sorry.

How will Nick and Selena respond? Will they forgive him? Will Demi be happy or upset that her 'rents are getting back together? Comment, rate, subscribe, tell friends, blabbity blabbity blech.

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