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Published on Mar 3, 2013

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Transcription of this video

there's a chart I saw recently that i
can't get out of my head
a Harvard business professor and
economist passed more than
five thousand americans
how they thought well was distributed in
the united states

this is what they said they thought it
was dividing the country fireproof

groups at the top

bottom and middle three twenty percent

they asked people how they thought the
wealth in this country was divide

any ask them

what they thought was the ideal

in ninety two percent
that's at least nine out of ten of them
said it should be more like this
in other words
more equitable than they think it is
now that practice telling admittedly
the notion that most americans know that
the system is already skewed unfairly
to what's most interesting to me

is the reality compared to our
perception the ideal is is far removed from our
perception of reality
as the actual distribution is from what
we think exists in this country

ignore the ideal for a moment

she was really think it is again

and hear is the actual distribution

shockingly scheme

not only to the bottom twenty percent
and the next twenty percent the bottom

forty percent of americans

barely have any of the twelfth i mean
it's hard to even see them on the chart

but the top one percent

has more of the country's wealth

then nine out of ten americans believe
the entire top twenty percent should



but let's look at it another way because
my father struck kind of difficult to

wrap my head around

instead let's reduce the three hundred
eleven million americans to

just a representative

one hundred people

make it simple

here they are

teachers coaches

firefighters construction workers
engineers doctors lawyers some

investment bankers to c_e_o_ media

mellissa line them up according to their

poorest people on the left wealthiest on
the right justice steady wrote folks

based on their networks

will color code them like we did before
based on which twenty percent quintile

they fall into

now let's reduce the total wealth of the
united states which was roughly fifty

four trillion dollars in two thousand

to this symbolic pile of cash

sisters among our own s wells pure
socialism all the wealth of the country

distributed equally

we all know that won't work

we need to encourage people to work and
work hard

to achieve that goal american dream and
keep our country moving forward

here's that might be your

cast point about

something like this occurs

this isn't too bad we've got some
incentive as the wealthiest folks are

now about ten to twenty times better off

in the poorest americans

but hey even the poor folks aren't
actually poor since the poverty line has

stayed almost entirely off the chart we
have a super helping middle-class but

this man

transition into wealth and yes
republicans and democrats alike chose this curve
nine out of ten people ninety percent

said this was a nice ideal distribution
of america's well

but let's move on

this is what people think america's
wealth distribution actually looks like

thought as equitable clearly
but for me
even this still looks pretty great
yes the poorest twenty to thirty percent
are starting to suffer quite a lot
compared to the ideal

and the middle class is certainly
struggling more than they were while the

rich in wealthier making roughly a
hundred times that of the poorest

americans in about ten times that of the
still healthy middle class

sadly this isn't even close to the

here is the actual distribution of
wealth in america

the poorest americans don't even

they're down to pocket change
in the middle class is barely
distinguishable from the poor

in fact even the rich between the top
ten and twenty percent i'll are worse

all the talk in person are better off
and how much better off

so much better off at the top two two
five percent

are actually off the chart this scale
and the top of one percent this guy

what his stack of money stretches ten
times higher than we can show

dishes stack of cash respect all by

this is the top one percent we've been
hearing so much about

so much green in his pockets that i have
to give him a whole new column of his

own because he won't fit on my chart

one percent of america has

forty percent of all the nations well
the bottom eighty percent
eight out of every ten people or eighty
out of these hundred
only has seven percent between them and
this only gotten worse in the last

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