Dream Mystery Girl (A Justin Bieber Vampire Love Story) Ch. 17





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Published on Jul 31, 2010

Continued from last Chapter:

Britt: Okay, well first we can read minds, that's how us ,girls, know you ,guys, have a crush on us *smiles & looks at Justin* But I already knew you like me *kisses him*
Justin: *kisses back*
Belle ,,Britt!,,
Britt *still kissing Justin* ,,What?,,
Lizzy ,,Can we please tell the guys to put on a shirt now?,,
Chels ,, Yes PLEASE?!,,
Anna, Sammie & Nikki ,,Fine!,,
Britt: *pulls away & smiles* Did you like?
Justin: *chuckles* Alot!
Lizzy: Okay! But before we tell you guys more of our abilities
Chels: Maybe you guys should put on an shirt
Guys: What do you mean?
Katey: LOL! Haven't you guys noticed? You're all in your boxers!
Guys: *all look Down* OH MY GOD *look up*
Justin: Well
RyaN: This is
Chaz: Awkward
Christian: Embarrassing
Katey: LOL x 2!
Belle: Well I think
Lizzy: These girls *points to Annie, Britt, Sammie & Nikki*
Chels: Like it

Annie, Britt, Sammie & Nikki are just staring at the boys with smiles on their faces.

Katey, Belle, Lizzy & Chels: We rest our case

The Boys go back to the rooms, find their shirts, put them back on & run back to the living room

Justin: Okay, now that's settled *nervous laugh* Tell us more of your abilities
Britt: How's about the simple way, we play a game! Fact? Or Myth?
Annie: I get ya! You boys tell us what you think vampires are like
S&N: & We tell if it's Fact!
Belle: Or Myth
Christian: Alright let's get started!
Justin: How's about we get the stuff out of the movies first out of the way
Guys: Deal
Justin: Okay now let see
Chaz: Obvious one! All Vampires Drink Blood
Guys: *all slap Chaz on the head*
Chaz: Ow!
Britt: It's okay guys
Sammie: Fact
Christian: Vampires Eyes Change colour
Nikki: Fact
Chaz: What colours?
Sammie: Brit should've already told you guys
Guys: Yeah!
Justin: So one thing from Twilight
Annie: Actually
Britt: Alot!
Ryan: So Made out of diamonds
Annie: Um Half fact, half myth
Chels: You see, we still have blood, but when we are like
Britt: When someone snaps our hands
Belle: Arms
Lizzy: Feet
S&N: Legs
Katey: Head
Chels: Or Just basically destroy us
Britt: That's when you see diamonds
Justin: Sparkle in the Sun
Britt: Fact!
Chaz: Vampires are fast
Sammie: Always Fact!
Ryan: Vampires Sleep
Annie: Myth!
Justin: Vampires are Stronger
Britt: Fact
Christian: Vampires can turn humans into Vampires
Nikki: Fact
Guys: By drinking their blood
Girls: Myth
Katey: We actually turn humans into Vampires by injecting this venom we have
Justin: I think we could think of the most simple ways of a vampire
Britt: Alright but there is more
Christian: More?
Sammie: Yes
Annie: A Vampires touch can heal a flesh wound
Lizzy: But it leaves a scar
Justin: *holds his wrist with the scar* That's how I got this
Britt: Yes because it was me
Lizzy: We do have Fangs
Belle: But that's only when we are angry
Annie: We all have a special ability, mine is having visions
Belle: I can paralyze people
Britt: I control the elements
Sammie: & Since Me & Niki are Twins & are practically the same person, We have Telekinesis
Nikki: & Hypnoses too
Katey: Sarah's ability is Horrific Transformation, I can transport my soul into others & see throught their eye
Chels: My ability is shape-shifting
Lizzy: & I can cause others pain through the mind
Justin: Wow!
Christian: That's alot
Ryan: So you guys all have different abilities
Girls: Pretty much it
Chels: Oh, We can Imprint with humans
Britt: That's why you kept on having those dreams when you were 5 Justin, That's the night I imprinted with you
Justin: But that still doesn't tell me how my scar kept burning, or why I can also contact with you through my mind & why the dreams stopped last night
Annie: Well you see the imprint is the most powerful ability a vampire has
Lizzy: It's got alot of things
Sarah: *comes in* The Imprint can only happen once & it lasts forever
Chels: Ooo, Sarah, what cuties have you brought with?


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