Bruce Springsteen - All That Heaven Will Allow w/ Here She Comes Walking intro (Live 1988-05-03)




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Published on May 11, 2014

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band with the Horns Of Love - All That Heaven Will Allow with "Here She Comes Walking" intro at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA on May 3, 1988.
Thanks to JEMS/Brucevideos

03.05.88 Mountain View, CA, intro to 'All That Heaven Will Allow'
''How you doing out there? (crowd cheers)....man, looks like we picked the right night, you know....oh, that´s nice.....how you doing back up there on that hill? (crowd cheers)....oh yeah, man, I love....I like this kind of weather best....you know, when it's not, when it's not too hot or too humid....back home we get this kind of weather....man, everybody starts coming out....girls leave their winter clothes home....changes your whole way of thinking, you know, it feels like something's gonna happen (chuckles).... you feel real in a romantic mood and all that stuff, you know (chuckles)....we get days like today, that's when I like to take a walk out in the park and see if any of my old friends are still around....hey, man, yo! how you doing? alright, good to see you, yeah, ok, haven't seen you on this bench in a long time, you know, I don´t get to see you too much anymore, now that you moved to California and everything, you know....they're dying in New Jersey tonight! (chuckles) you know....what you been up to, huh?....yeah, you´re still carrying this thing around with you, huh?....jeez (chuckles) you don´t still sleep with this, do you ?....sometimes, on the off-nights (chuckles) what do you got ? oh, alright, got baby pictures of the little Big Man here....he was doing some singing this afternoon, yeah (chuckles) he´s got a little saxophone that he plays, he's got a little suit, he's three years old ....he's got this own apartment....his own car... he's got some girlfriends too already....he looks good....man, remember when we used to sit on this bench in '75 and watch them girls come out of that big office building down on the corner?...well, me and Clarence would come down here and we'd get some like, I'd get boloney-and-cheese, you had pastrami.....two cans of beer and we'd wait for the girls to get out of work, you know....and try to impress them (chuckles).... they used to get out right about this time, man.....here they come, look there she is, remember her? she still looks good too...check her out, the girl in the white blouse.... stop, stop (chuckles) check her out.....used to walk right down this street.....ooh, come back! (chuckles)....oh, alright (chuckles) man, it's the weather, you know....I was with you, I remember I was with you the night you met your wife....we were overseas and Clarence's wife comes walking in this little party.....and Clarence gets all nervous and excited and he runs into the bathroom to make sure he´s looking his best.....and you used to have that, uh, that cologne or that, that, what was that?....Halston Z-14? that sounds like motor oil, man, that don´t sound like cologne, used to have something to make him smell real good, it was nice (chuckles)....and then, and then he comes out and I'm listening to him talking to her, and he´s acting like a whole lot nicer than he really is, you know (chuckles) but it worked, you know, it works (chuckles) anyway, you gotta do that, you know, that's part of the whole.....back in Jersey, when you first see that girl that you're looking at, man, what is it like, Richie?....oh yeah....oh, do it, man....man, I gotta, I gotta get going....remember we used to stay out till 4 am?....no more, bubba (chuckles)....I go home, I gotta go to bed at midnight now, yeah I do (chuckles) I'll see you later, it's good to see you (chuckles) take care, I'll see you...."


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