It Takes Two to Tango. Episode Twelve.





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Published on Jun 26, 2011

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for ALL the comments!!! Enjoy this episode!!

Episode 12

"There is my princess!! Oh, I have missed you Bellaboo." Demi cooed unbuckling her and picking her up. Bella giggled and smiled laying her head on Demi. Demi turned to Carolyn and smiled.
"This is Bella." Demi said as she turned so Carolyn could see her.
"Hi there!" Carolyn said as she tickled Bella making her laugh.
"Oh she is so cute." Carolyn said kissing Bella's head.
"Hey Joe, you mind if I take her to the dressing room?" Demi asked looking to Joe.
"Of course not Nina. When you need me to get her you just text me back ok?" Joe said while Demi hugged him again.
"Yes, I will. See you soon boo." Demi said kissing his cheek and picking up Bella's diaper bag. Demi turned walking away with Carolyn. They walked in the dressing room and sat Demi sat down with the girls.
"There is baby Bella!" Alex said as she smiled at Bella.
"Who is that?" One of the girl whispered in Alex's ear.
"It is Demi's baby." She responded back whispering in her ear.
"Oh. Hey that is Demi's baby." the girl whispered to another girl and it went on to all the girls. Carolyn put her arms out for Bella with a smile. Bella smiled at her and went towards her. Carolyn held her up by her shoulder and kissed her cheek. Bella smiled and moved her arms in the air.
"She is so adorable Demi, I wish I could take her home!!" Carolyn exclaimed as she hugged Bella and kissed her again.
"Can I hold her Demi?" Alex said standing up.
"Umm, once Carolyn is done, kay?" Demi said looking at Alex.
"Yeah that's fine." Alex said sitting back down.

"Ok, Alex your turn!" Carolyn said standing up as she tried to hand Bella to Demi.
"Give her to Alex because once I get her she won't go to anyone else." Demi said while Carolyn nodded and walked to Alex. Alex took her and sat Bella on her lap.
"Guys, she is so ticklish and she has the most adorable laugh." Alex said while she started tickling her and her laughed filled the room. Demi smiled wide watching Bella and the other girls laughed with her. A few more girls walked in and so did Ms. Tiffany. Demi was the talk of the girls and Bella, of course, too. Bella was being passed around by the girls until she started crying for Demi.
"Uuuhh Demi!" The girl said who was holding Bella.
"She is getting a little cranky." Demi said as Bella moved forward toward Demi still crying. Demi took her and went back to her seat. She put the pacifier in her mouth while she sat down on the couches. Bella laid her head on Demi's chest while sucking on her pacifier.

"Ok, girls all attention on me!" Ms. Tiffany stated while the girls looked at her.
"Ok, you have all been working so hard and for so long, you guys are going to breeze right through this recital. Also Demi you are in the opening I need you with the jazz girls. They are doing hair and makeup right now." Ms. Tiffany said while Demi got her stuff and Bella's and walked with Ms. Tiffany to the jazz girls. Demi walked in setting the stuff down and keeping Bella on her chest while one the girls started doing her hair.
"Whose baby, Demi?" The girl asked while was brushing out Demi's hair.
"Mine. Her name is Bella." Demi stated while she kissed her head.
"Demi don't do that you are going to mess me up!" she said.
"I'm sorry, it's a habit." Demi said and giggled at the serious face the other girl was making.
"So Demi you like went into labor and had push her out?" the girl asked looking at Demi.
"Yes, I did, can we change the subject?" Demi asked with pleading eyes. The girl looked at her and giggled.
"Yeah. Are you excited for the recital?" she asked looking at Demi.
"Yeah I am super excited." Demi said with a smile.

Joe got a text from Demi that he can get Bella. Joe got out of his car and grabbed the carrier while he walked to where he was meeting Demi. She smiled as she was carrying a sleeping Bella to Joe.
"The girls tired her out, she went straight to sleep." Demi said kissing Bella a few times and then putting her in the carrier.
"She recognized you with that make up on?" Joe asked while he chuckled.
"No, she fell asleep and then they did my makeup." Demi said while hugged Joe.
"You don't have to kiss me you will get make up on you." Demi said while giggled. Joe wrapped his arms around her and he gently kissed her neck.
"We can finish that later." Joe whispered in her ear as he pulled out of the hug.
"Joeeee." Demi moaned as she blushed a little.
"I have to go back to the dressing rooms before people start actually showing up. I love you!" Demi said as she waved walking away.



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