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Published on Dec 31, 2012

This tutorial shows you how to Pilot a Pelican on the Halo 4 Campaign mission, "Infinity". Full text tutorial and additional information below.

The following is tutorial on how to fly a Pelican on a different campaign mission. The Reclaimer pelican offers a much larger, and more interactive area in which you can operate the Pelican.
Pilot a Pelican on "Reclaimer": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmxgxl...

Thanks to http://youtube.com/Nowise10 for letting us do this video!



**You will need 2 Players to do this trick.

1. Start "Infinity" at Rally Point: Charlie.

2. Player1 will run down and enter the scorpion, bringing it up the hill to the location show in-video. Once the Scorpion is in location, Player1 will jump on top of the vehicle, and wait.

3. Player2 will run down the hill. After reaching the bottom, continue around the corner until the player reaches the rock shown in-video.

4. Once both players are set up here, the should begin killing enemies. The Pelican should spawn at some point during this time.

5. After the Pelican spawns, it will lower toward the ground. If the Scorpion is in the correct place, the Pelican will lower just in front of it.

6. Player1 will then run and jump toward the back of the Pelican. As you near the back of the Pelican, you should be prompted to "Ride in the Pelican". Enter the vehicle as soon as you are able to. (Note: If you do not see the message, you were not close enough. Try setting the tank either more centered relative to the Pelican, or higher up on the hill)

7. As soon as Player1 is riding in the Pelican, Player2 should progress slightly through the map. As P2 walks moves forward, they should trigger some dialogue. As soon as this happens, Player2 should immediately stop.

8. Once the dialogue is triggered, the Pelican should drop to the ground. Player1 should be aware of the Pelican's orientation, and if the vehicle begins to roll/tip, P1 should immediately Flip the Pelican to turn it right-side up.
(If the Pelican lands on the ground Upside Down, it will fall through the map, and become inaccessible.)

9. Once the Pelican has settled on the ground, Player1 should move to the nose of the vehicle, turn to face the rear, and should then be prompted to "Pilot the Pelican".

You are now free to Fly the Pelican on "Infinity".

**Player2 should be careful not to trigger the loadzone beyond the Dialogue trigger. If this loadzone is hit, the Pelican will deload.
**Player2 should also be careful not to trigger the Dialogue too early, and the Pelican will disappear if no one is riding inside of it.

**Sometimes you will trigger the Pelican to spawn much earlier than expected. This is not a problem, but if you are not at least partially setup, you will likely have to restart and try again.

**When Player2 triggers the Pelican to drop, depending on how it lands, it may flip and/or roll. Player1 should make sure to exit the seat immediately after the Pelican drops to be ready to flip it if needed. If the Pelican lands upside down, it will fall through the map and you will need to restart.

**There is a small area of the ground where the Pelican can drop through the map, regardless of orientation (shown near the end of the video). If the Pelican drops, and ends up near this area, it will fall below the level. You can avoid this by having P1 immediately after the Pelican drops, run toward the front of the Pelican and attempt to Pilot it before it falls too far.

*******There is sometimes an issue with triggering the Pelican to drop. You may occasionally hit the Dialogue trigger, yet the Pelican does not drop the the ground, and begins to fly out of the map. If this happens, you will need to reset and try the setup again. You can attempt to change the setup slightly to ensure this doesn't happen again, such as killing enemies in a different order, or only killing the Elites. You can also try killing all of the Allies, or not allowing them to ride the Scorpion. These changes will sometimes help to ensure the dialogue triggers the Pelican to drop.

**You should receive a checkpoint just after the Dialogue finishes. If you do not, you can kill some of the remaining enemies to trigger it. If both players are alive at this point, you should be able to easily grab a Checkpoint with your drivable Pelican.


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