BACK TO ONE - Part 2--Music from Vangelis El Greco 4th Mov and movie T Double Life of Veronika





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Uploaded on Jan 30, 2008

The visual journey reaches a momentous crescendo! The video opens with the music from the film: The Double Life of Veronika (Alexander) then follows Vangelis, 4th movement, singing beautifully and with a haunting performance one of the greatest sopranos Monserrat Caballé!

Notice that from the first part we explore how to learn about having wisdom, trying to apply it to our life. At the same time being witnesses of how difficult it is for people to remember that they belong to a ''higher force or intelligence'' we are not here by coincidence, 'out of nothing'!

Also we have to understand that whatever decisions we take that affect negatively our life or the Planet, those actions will have consequences and we better learn to be humble and symbolically on our knees.

The image of the man, this is not "JESUS", the man on his knees 'represents all of us', being humble before the presence of ONE=that intelligence or force that is in us and we are part of it. When I use "men" the word includes women as well. Read the following passage:
"Since the beginning of consciousness, human beings, both female and male, have walked the path of reunion with the Source of Being. Though in this world of duality we may find ourselves in different forms, ultimately there is no male or female, only Being."

"We need to stand together in the light. The way is opening in our own time for greater recognition of equal partnership. We have much to learn form each other, and male and female need to recognize each other so that we can come to balance within ourselves as well as creating balance outwardly in the world. The male attributes of strength and determination also belong to women; the feminine attributes of receptivity and beauty also belong to men. As we look to the divine in each other, encouraging each other to rise to the fullness of is or her own divine nature, we push against our limitations until they dissolve and a gift unfolds. As we learn to witness the miracle of creation, a time comes when "wheresoever you look, there is the Face of God; everything is perishing except the One Face."


Sad to observe some people not wanting to be ''humble and peaceful'' because that could be considered as a weakness more than a virtue for some!

Remember the good you want for you, should be the good you want for your fellow human being!

And you can be sure we will face that FORCE=ONE, and yes, it is a loving and a powerful intelligence, and as such will rearrange the mess -some human beings- have done to one of its creations-. It does not matter if your are gone to other dimension, the one we call -death-, you will know, since you just change from matter to spirit, you will be alive in a different parallel.

We live in a world or dimension, where science was designed to study matter, now where is the science to study the invisible world? The 'one' that will have to go beyond matter. Science accepts the existence of ''air'', right? It better believes in it, start not believing in 'oxygen' or 'air' since you do not see it, and you will fall flat dead...in this world made of matter! Imagine us having to inhale sand instead of oxygen to believe in it, since we just conceive matter (the tangible) 'the only way to prove' the existence of anything. But we do accept thoughts, and they become matter.

Can you prove in what part of your body you are? Or are you out of the body as an advanced existence activating that body assigned to you to be part of the matter of this world or illussion called Planet made of matter. Kind of "illusion" this world is, ah?(Matrix?) A combination of matter and the ethereal.

Don't you wonder if humanity was lead by ONE, by this time we would have been beyond this "time and space" belief? ONE is the best scientist, philosopher, mathematician, biologist, musician, healer, imagine that, all those things we see 'as the future' can be 'now' if we ask again, it has to be the whole humanity to accept that we need ONE's help! Otherwise we will continue stuck being dominated by a 'greedy' powerful group!

Let's keep wondering and learning, and hey maybe, next time I will be thinking in a different way, due to new data, since who can say they have or speak the "truth but only than the truth"? We have 'half truths' due to the fact that nothing in this world is "perfect".

But I am entitled to my opinion at this time! And I do enjoy watching your videos too that are made with a message similar to mine, a proof that we are connected as ONE!

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