How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland





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Published on Nov 10, 2011

This is a popular buzz phrase which generates a lot of excitement for those of us who seek spiritual and mystical states of consciousness. Its common that we may perceive a lack of spiritual or mystical perception and then identify a calcified or under functioning pineal gland as the cause. So then the common assumption is that if we just stimulate it enough or decalcify it, then we can finally achieve the states which we desire.

However, the problem is that this line of thinking is lazy and ineffective and will not yield the results we are looking for because it goes against not only common sense, but also the way the cosmos works.

So in this video we will look at what we can focus on which will actually lead us to where w want to go.

-Let go of such a rigid, narrow, mechanistic, and reductionist view that if you just do X then U.
--The perceived lack of spirituality or mystical awareness has less to do with a supposed calcium build up and more to do with your programming and energetic state.

-Deprogram false, limiting beliefs, and spells which cut you off from receive nourishment.

-Quit being lazy and thinking you will have some easy over night success w out real dedication and focus.
--Let go of the illusion that a pill or substance will do it for you.
--Following that line of thinking is rather insulting to yourself and the cosmos.
--Basically you are saying you deserve the skill with out putting in the time to cultivate it.
---People don't look for quick fixes or pills to become a great musician, this is no different.

-When you focus and put in the time, the universe will respond.

-While you are busy chasing quick fixes and pills to "decalcify your pineal", you are missing the real lessons and opportunities for growth the universe is offering.

-Practice chi gong, meditation, breathing, for 1-2 hours a day, 5-6 times per week.
--Do that and I can almost promise that this whole conversation will cease.

-Let go of such a rigid, narrow, mechanistic, and reductionist view that if you just do X then U.
--The perceived lack of spirituality or mystical awareness has less to do with a supposed calcium build up and more to do with your programming and energetic state.

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Dang dude, the girl that criticized you in her worthless video made me find your video, so I guess completely worthless it was not. It's just amazing how many idiots there are that can't see the forest for the trees. I'm not claiming to be enlightened either but I DO know that it's something you find inside yourself... not by taking this or eating that or doing this X number of times. How are you going to find yourself by looking outside? That's just silly. Look inside, see the kind of person you are. If you don't like who you are then take measures to change. Everyone is doing it backwards. They are taking measures first but they don't even know what's wrong with themselves, they rely on others telling them they are inadequate (aka advertising). There are no magic powers and telepathy. It's called empathy. Understanding we're all human and have the same needs and desires and dreams and feelings. When you understand that, then you understand people better. When you understand people better you can relate to them better. It may seem like magic or sciency psychology but it's just a "mother's intuition", a dad's "gut feeling". You hone that by working on it, by trying to put yourself in other's shoes more often. By getting into (and back out of) arguments, relationships, friendships, fights, parties, hangouts, families. By trying to understand life's problems, not avoid them. By trying to be conscious more often, being aware of the impact of your decisions. (but like meditation, it's okay if you drift away... just remember to regain your focus, the more you practice the better you get) By being human. By being alive. Like literally, alive... full of life. Just fucking talk to people. Use them as mirrors to see yourself in, then fix yourself not them (just like this post is my response to both Erin Janus and Brandon Gilbert's videos but is also for my own understanding). All you can do is leave the water out. People will drink when they're thirsty. The purer the water, the better it quenches. All these words I wrote only dirty the water. The truth is pure. 
David Evans
Stop reading.
kao lee
Here is how you decalcify your pineal gland. Jump off from a very high bridge with a probability of zero chance of survival. You will then ascend to a higher plain and wouldn't have to worry about your calcified pineal gland. Yes, you will then finally have your third eye.
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PHI Entanglement
I'm sure meditating for 1 to 2 hours a day 5 to 6 times a week comes easily for a guy with no children but for those of you out there with busy lives and shedules necessary to sustain a modern way of living in todays society with kids (cherry on top) meditating for 30 to 45 minutes as often as you can (wether its once a week or daily) will still provide grand benefits. I shower pretty much everyday and drink tap water. I still manage to reach deeper levels of consciousness through meditation.
This Guy
All you need to do is learn about Natural Law, and your third eye will shoot open. Meditation and healthy consumption of food and clean water is extra stuff that you can add into tour lifestyle once you learn about occult knowledge. But don't think you can meditate into knowledge lol. Spirituality without education is a nono. And it is a lazy way to go about things.
Penny Cox
I want to say this....for 43 years I have spent here on our planet Earth, I have had many educational teachings...mostly by really educated people...BUT...."at the end of the day"...I always wondered why I was experiencing things I was going through, and BUT....now I realize....and even coming out of all kinds of mishaps, mistakes and blunders....now I am here...in FULL Sync..!!!!  Thank you for such an informative video!!!
battle zone
I think I will just stick to prayer...
Karma Chophel Tsangpo
has anyone noticed he seems to be reading a script off to the side and that his words don't match his lip movements?
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Ela Bella
loved it very honest truthful n eye opening thankyou
Excellent video. You make a lot of sense! 
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