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Published on Jan 24, 2012

Possibly the biggest problem with national healthcare... that no one in the country cares about their own health.

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Ok a serious comment in response to the many comments below... yes I know some people do care about their health, but a great many don't and are a drain on the system. And as is said in the punchline at the end, we already pay for most of them. Maybe if we didn't we'd have money for the people who really need it. The people without health insurance are usually just outside of the range of Medicaid and the bill won't really do much to help them but force them to spend money they don't have. Insurance companies are of course run by heartless bastards, and regulating them is probably not a bad idea, though who knows what the end result will really be. Oh and the video is not supposed to be racist.


I like greasy fast food
I like burgers and fries
Every single thing about me has to be super sized
I like pizza and cheetos
I like anything fried
If I enter any eating contest I'll take first prize
But it hurts when I breathe
And I take up three seats
And I have to stop and rest after walking twenty feet
Now there's a pain in my chest
And a tingling in my arm
Someone please call 911 and let the chorus guy on

I wanna get big
I want double D's
I wanna have grease and fat filling my arteries
I want heart attacks
And diabetes
But the most important thing for you to see
Is I want you to pay for me

I can't stand to be sober
I need to get away
I need booze and drugs and cigarettes to get me through the day
I like mind alteration
And seeing what's not there
I like crack and weed and LSD and there's an elephant I swear
But now I can't take too little
And I can't go too far
I'll withdraw or OD and have to visit the ER
Now I'm coughing up blood
And my liver is dead
But I'll still be there smoking in my hospital bed

I wanna smoke crack
I wanna smoke weed
I wanna get drunk and run my car into a tree
I wanna get high
I wanna OD
But the most important thing for you to see
Is I want you to pay for me

I like sleeping around
With every guy I meet
I don't even need dinner but maybe a few drinks
I don't like contraception
I have seven babies
And every single baby has its own baby daddy
But it burns when I pee
And it smells fi-ishy
They say I have some STD's just discovered in me
I don't think that I'm pregnant
But before I have been wrong
So I might just drop another in the middle of this song

I wanna sleep around
And get lots of disease
I'm listed as a threat to public health by the CDC
I want STD's
And lots of babies
But the most important thing for you to see
Is you already pay for me

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Screaming PHOENIX
 I love how the examples you use is of people using the ER. It shows how uninformed you really are. If you had done 15 seconds of research instead of just sitting around scratching your ass listening to what Rush thinks you'd have known that Emergency Rooms cannot legally turn people away no matter their financial status or the reason they think they need an emergency room. It's actually one of the biggest reasons why it is financially draining us to not have health care. If my only option is to use an ER because i can't afford healthcare because it is either get a doctor or die. Of course I am going to pick the ER. TO expect anything different is downright Draconian. So all this money has to be wasted on expensive ERs because you are too misinformed to allow a universal health program? Not only this but the idea that we shouldn't make a healthcare plan because in a country of 250 million people someone is probably going to abuse it is ridiculous. It's just a pointless tale of vengeance now not unlike Moby Dick. "We can't save the live of all these people who might improve our society because one of them might be able to abuse it. FUCK that one or two people out of the thousand who will just waste my tax dollars!"
I like the video but I disagree with the message
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Michael Fish
The animation and voices made me feel... violated in some way. They were frightening.
Justin Garcia
sucks. buy some real software hick
Dane Haas
When rednecks draw
Daniel Brown
Funny, like, really I liked this.. pretty inspiring. But.. perhaps a key problem though, insulting and looking down on people who weren't able to emotionally or logically summon better choices isn't always helpful to them... In fact more often than not it just breaks down communication making problems worse, in my opinion at least... That's what this video's doing, it's like "Yeah I'm gonna boast about my ability to have had better life experiences or feel emotionally stronger because I had better influences woooo everyone else worse off sucks and shouldn't be helped, only insulted!". So yeah for comedy purposes thumbs up, otherwise this is mostly useless, lol.
Funny but poorly animated
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stevie ray genoch
stevie ray genoch on youtube.com
#GAYYYYYYYYY im sorry if your gay........ gay people are awesome!
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