Joe Cortez is a disgrace to boxing!





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Published on Sep 29, 2011

The worst referee ever!

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Big -
There's a reason why mayweather never fought outside of America. Fair play to Ricky he doesn't moan or complain about the fight even though it's clear that he was fighting two boys in that ring
disgrace as a referee....
Olaf The Mighty
By a mile the worst high profile ref in the history of the sport. He screwed countless fighters over the years.
Olaf The Mighty
Yeah fuck him. Smoger is still my favorite because he doesn't stop a fight unless the fighter is basically unconscious and he doesn't get too involved. 
Stephen Dunn
Agreed, he did in Khan vs Maidana, stopped maidana when khan was hurt, wouldn't allow him near khan, if you watch floyd vs hatton he wouldn't allow hatton near floyd, he reducted a point from hatton because floyd twisted his face away displaying his back of his head mid punch and hatton didn't hit his head .. but gets a point deducted from mr Fair Joe.... He's a shit ref, he has made so many errors that haven't give many boxers a fair chance and worse, he's lost it for clear winners. A fucking disgrace, he's such a dopey fuck too, he's deffo showing signs of serious illness, his speach is slurred, his reactions are very slow. It's time for him to retire.
Stephen Dunn
Joe Cortez is the worst boxing I've ever seen, he makes errors all the time and it doesn't stop! He robbed Hatton of a chance of inside fighting which is his trade against floyd, why? He also stopped maidana getting a chance to knock out khan by splitting them up unneeded when khan was seriously hurt. He doesn't understand boxing, so why do we allow this dopey fool int he ring with class boxers? He should just be droped, he's too old and too clueless.
Maxwell Baer
+ChristianBaleBatman He should have been retired from existence. He's a bad person and should have been extinguished long ago for his corruption and wrong doings. He's not a bad ref he's a bad person. No one can be as incompetent as he was on some occasions. He's a bad man and will go to hell when he dies.
+Stephen Dunn he has retired!
Joe Cortez bought and paid for.
Completely agree.
Tan Quan Giang
This guy ia so currupt itll catch up with him, the way he constantly gets involved in fights splitting fighters up and stopping momentum absolute discrace... But hey bet he made big money of it.
1994 MindState
sooner or later karma will catch him
Ste Dunn
Joe cortez was the fucked ref I've never known, he broke fighters apart when they was near one another not even inside fighting, he ruined ANY chance hatton had with mayweather, he disqualified this fight when it was it was wrong. hes ruined fighters careers, I'm glad he's retired but there is endless mistakes, IE the mayweather vs ortez, he wasn't even looking at the fighters, he didnt see any punches by mayweather , he wasnt EVEN LOOKING! FUCK! Boxing is hard to respect because of judges like this prick, and judges like him. it's fucking unbearable at times.
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Ste Dunn
+patrick blaze In the fight I watched with hatton, at the beginning it was a lot of inside fighting which hatton was great at, and he was a head then joe cortez was on him like a rash, but near the end hatton who was constantly being told of by the ref and had a point unfairly deducted had to fight at range, so there was less inside fighting and hatton got frustrated made a silly mistake and paid for it. Hatton needed all the help he could get in all honesty, but to go and fight agasint mayweather is hard enough but then you have joe cortez unfairly on mayweathers side, removing points for hitting behidn the head when you didn't. It was unfair. I'm just glad joe cortez can no longer ruin fights.
patrick blaze
+Ste Dunn am I right in saying he didnt break up any of the very close tustles when mayweather was slightly ahead?? he only broke them up when it looked like hatton was on top
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Prockny P23
Horrible horrible horrible!!!! 👎🏼
o-ptimus prime
mayweather vs Ortiz? yup, it was this Vegas puppet sob is there any honest non corrupted official in Vegas? nope
at least tyson knocked him the fuck out
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