Nanothermite: Evidence that can't be fudged?





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Published on Sep 29, 2009

"junior00bacon00chee" sings the praise of a paper by his fellow twoofers.

Nanothermite figures to be the last gasp of the 9/11 twoofer movement, and as the months go by and Steven Jones holds on to his samples allowing only other twoofers to look at it, the movement will eventually die as this fudged science will NEVER convince anyone in mainstream science.

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Soul Glo
twoofers will forever claim: "declare" "a matter of time" "indisputable" evidence...but it's all twoofer bullshit...the fact is they have no proof and even senior twoofers can't agree on their own theories...Harritt say nano-thermite; Hart says gizmo; others say no planes; others say Tesla like device, a pod, controlled demolition by government ninjas, black military jet, jet will missile type device strapped underneath, cruise missiles.....they are all quacks and it means nothing they have a PhD, etc. They will NEVER back down because they are past the point of no return. They just continue to reenforce themselves by mentally blocking out anything that contradicts their beliefs and just use twoofer websites and posts to get their beloved backers. Thank God for the mainstream...ha ha ha...inside job...just like JFK, Boston Marathon, 7/7, 9/11, earthquakes, moon landings, Ebola, AIDS,...get a frigging life twoofers.
Actually no, it hasn't. The red paint chips contain some of the components of thermite and are missing some of the main components completely, ergo, not thermite. The chips are however consistent with the paint used on steel beams. 
Dude, there is even a video where the workers show which ones they already cut and which ones they still need to cut and photos of workers cutting them. 
What about the steel supports that were found cut perfectly in line.Explain this to me
The first time I heard of the 9/11 nano thermite report, I tried to get a copy directly from the "S&J Scientific" Laboratory mentioned on the report. Turns out the LAB DOESN'T EXIST, lol. The report was basically cobbled together by Steven Jones and a BYU semi-retired chem professor. WTC, ADDRESS AND PHONE OF S&J SCIENTIFIC S&J Scientific Co., Provo, UT, 84606, USA; Tel: 801-735-5885 The phone number is answered by a voicemail message for Steven Jones. Ask him "What happened to S&J Scientific?"
@Zooney1 AE911Truthers are definitely NOT unbiased and I have doubts about their expertise based on what I've seen from them. 
If you want to see a sensible video on this topic including numerous unbiased expert testimony watch: watch?v=lw-jzCfa4eQ&feature=channel_video_title 
@junior00bacon00chee Mark Basile is great, but he did not publish his findings (except in video testimony). I premiered the ESO raw cut in Hamburg with around 50 attendees. After watching it, not one believed that the hijackers and OBL were alone responsible for the three strange 'collapses'. Cheers
@RummelsdorfLabs awesome, i was not aware that they had received some recently, thanks for the tip! also, a guy named mark basile (i think he is a chemist) studied the chips a comfirmed some of the results of harrit et al. leading him to form the same basic conclusions. he is featured in the new architects and engineers for 9/11 truth movie.
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