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Published on Jan 11, 2009

MSI's "Mark David Chapman"

Video by Mike Diva http://www.youtube.com/mikediva

Get the song and music video (in 3 formats including iPod, iPhone, and HQ) on the new single for "Evening Wear/Mark David Chapman"...order at http://www.theomegaorder.com/msi

Directed, shot, cut, and composited by: Mike Diva

Written by: Mike Dahlquist with help from Alex Morrison and Zack Keck
Produced by: Maxx James and James Galus
Very special thanks to: Mike's mom and pop, David Dahlquist, Club Retro, Brad Clark, Richee Witt, Bill H & Sean Francis and all at BRAT Marketing, Andreas Katsambas and all at The End Records, Marke Reed, Victor Wlodinguer, Ken Anderson, Irma Csermak, Michael Arfin, Lucas Nedm, Trevor Fowles, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Webb, Jorden Haley, Ariel Ryan, Tom Larkin, Andrew Kramer, Mark Clark and his Auntie, Frank Casanova, Steevee OFMG, Joe Herz, and Trenton's Mom and Dad

Original version of the song from the album "IF" - available at http://theomegaorder.com/msi

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Space Kid
Why am I just now watching the video for this?
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+Space Kid +Vernie J And you've got me, another member of the 'Only Just Found This' club.
Vernie J
+Kaya Loves Bands Ok..fuck, so I'm not the only one? I'm now finding out Jhonen Vasquez​ directed other vids too. Fml. I didn't even know there was a video to "Shut me up" Edit: Yea, Mike directed this one but check out the shit Jhonen did too.
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penelope (yay)
that bass during the chorus is fucking amazing holy shit
Glitched Beauty
penelope (yay) this is still one of my favorite songs by them
Myotic TeSeract
Damn, how have I not watched this before? That twist at the end that the rebellious audience was manufactured too is powerful af.
gosh man...
Betapunk Films
For real, I've had this album since it came out and I've never seen this
Spanish parts: 1st Verse. [Yo supe que nadie iba a comprender tu música, pero tú no me hiciste caso. Yo te dije, no te vistas en color rosa]. "I knew that nobody would understand your music, but you wouldn't listen. I told you, don't dress in pink". 2nd Verse. [Yo te dije. No debes de firmar con una compañía de discos tan grande, ellos no te aprecian. Yo no te veo en MTV]. "I told you. You shouldn't sign with a record company so big. They don't appreciate you. I don't see you on MTV". 3rd Verse. [¿Dondé está todo el dinero que me debes? ¡LADRÓN!. Y ademas, ¿Dondé está todo el dinero que me debes? ¡LADRÓN!] {FADING}. "Where´s all the money you owe me? THIEF!. And Besides, Where´s all the money you owe me? THIEF!".
+Lucas Arturo Melgarejo Albornoz Pues la verdad decir y asegurar pues no... a mi interpretación lo es.... El video y la canción es como un ataque a lo popular, y MTV es para bandas populares y yo lo veo como un sarcasmo por eso de las grandes compañias.... pero bueno, el Español de Celia Euringer no es muy bueno, asi que las intepretaciones sobraran. yo he visto quienes dicen "Yo no creo en ti". La verdad es que es dificil saberlo :v haha
Lucas Arturo Melgarejo Albornoz
+realfake02 are you sure it says that on the second verse?,i'm pretty sure it says yo no creo en MTV(i don't believe in mtv),oh well anyway the meaning doesn't change all that much :p
this is so scott pilgrim i can't
Valentina Descoortés
+sugar we're goin down memeing u should definetely see shut me up also my msi, the way the words r censored makes u believe that maybe spvtw was inspired in this
Garrett G
MSI is proof music can be catchy, and enjoyable as well as forward a message.
Some Kid
This video describes exactly what I've been seeing in the music industry recently...
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Yeah, the "Emo boy dreamy haricut" should have given it away.
No One
+Darby Petersen It's a metaphor, my friend.. Mark David Chapman has been described as "killing the music industry" because of his assassination of John Lennon. Not everything is as it seems. I feel the title fits seeing as music of now-a-days is just killing music for me.. I have so much trouble trying to find unique bands. If you read the lyrics, it's basically saying we need to get rid of a lot of the usual and same stuff/bands we see in the music industry. MSI is saying they want to see more creativity.  Here's the lyrics as to why Mark''s name is the name of the song: Hey When the world's overrun With too many bands Who is it time for Mark Chapman Hey When they all seem absurd He will thin out the herd Ladies and gentleman Mark Chapman It's a joke, really.. saying to just get rid of all the same trash (factory produced bands) and help clear the way for the unique bands. In some of their other lyrics they describe "being in prison" as basically saying they're stuck in an industry full of carbon copied bands and they can't really get recognized for their creativity cause there is just too much garbage in the music industry.  I hope you understand, now..
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Snoozly the I
for some reason, this reminds me of Scott Pilgrim v.s The World...
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Crispened Ham
+Snoozly, the I its all of our thangs
Snoozly the I
somewhat my kind of thang
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Justin Jennings
how the fuck does he make these videos
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Crispened Ham
Mike**** Diva... who the hell is Mark Diva?
Chris Ambrosino
Mark Diva?
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I feel like the movie adaptation of Scott Pilgrim was heavily influenced by this music video.
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