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Published on Apr 19, 2012

How to fix a slice? How to Correct a Slice? Fixing a slice using the The Golf Trainer is all about replacing bad swing habits by grooving in a good muscle memory through repetition, and using the Golf Trainer with the comprehensive range of instructional videos on our website ComprehensiveGolf.com is the easiest way to not only fix a slice but fix any swing fault. At ComprehensiveGolf.com we have we have several videos will show you how to fix the four main problems which cause a slice, including:
-how to avoid cutting across the ball by developing a good swing plane
-how to avoid leaving you clubface open at impact, by rolling your wrists over in your release
-how to construct a stronger grip to square your clubface through impact
-and how to stay attached so your left elbow folds properly into your follow through.

1:00 How to fix slice? No matter what your handicap is, the golf trainer coupled with our vast range of free golf media will improve your game. Low handicappers and professionals use it for timing, balance and rhythm. It is great for eliminating unnecessary movement, such as a slide or a reverse pivot, in order to develop a more compact and efficient swing. And it particularly good for generating maximum acceleration through the power zone, rather than it at the top of your downswing. One of our videos includes the famous whip drill which is also great for eliminating slice (where you can see how to fix a slice) and will get you striking the ball with very loose arms and generating a much later release, the two main secrets the pros use for awesome power and control. Fix a slice in golf swing.

If you want to fix a slice... With every practice shot you can see if you are hitting out of the toe or in on the heel or right out of the sweet spot which is where you want to be for maximum control and distance. Nothing fixes a shank quicker than the Golf Trainer. You can also see if your clubface is open at impact, which will cause the ball to slice, or closed at impact which will cause the ball to hook, or square at impact for maximum accuracy. So No matter what you are working on, you will be automatically making all those incremental changes that will get you hitting the ball right out of the centre of the club with a square club face for maximum distance and accuracy.

How to fix a slice? Still wondering? The Golf Trainer is completely safe to practice inside because the patented balls are very soft and they don't weigh much more than a cotton bud, so they can't possibly go through a window or kill your dog. The really clever thing about these balls is they feel the same as real balls when you hit them.


The Golf Trainer is very effective at fixing a slice because it records the angle of the club face at impact and because it is so effective at grooving in good swing habits. Initially when you change your grip or try to develop a more "in to out" swing path, or make any of the other swing changes required to correct a slice, you will find it very awkward. However with enough repetition the good habits described above will become part of your swing and you will soon get to a point where you won't have any swing thoughts when you are standing over the ball on the course. Grooving in good swing habits with The Golf Trainer is a lot of fun. At ComprehensiveGolf.com we have a range of videos which you can use with the The Golf Trainer to help you understand understand what causes a slice and how to eliminate the problem from your game.

A Slice is the left-to-right trajectory shape for a golf ball created by a significant tilt of the spin-axis of the golf ball to the right, or a clockwise spin. For a right handed player the ball will end up spinning in the air right of the target line.
A slice is caused when either :
1. The club face is open at impact, or
2. The club face cuts across the ball due to a right to left swing path at impact.


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