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Published on Jul 25, 2014

The original version of this video, published July 20th 2014, contained an error in Steps 5 and 9 of my calculations. To convert to Grays, I mistakenly multiplied the Joules/hr rate by the mass instead of dividing.

To my credits though, I used these exact same steps for a university assignment that I submitted last semester, in which I used Pioneer 10 data to calculate the dose rates from electrons in Jupiter’s radiation belt at the vicinity of Europa. In that assignment I multiplied the Joules by the mass to convert the Grays. The examiner did not mark me down for it. In fact, the only real criticism that he had for my calculations was my not rounding off the Joules to one decimal place before converting to Grays. So that, and the fact that I passed the assignment, gave me confidence in my methods. In my video I used the steps from my assignment and recalculated for the Earth’s radiation belt.

In any case, dividing the amount of energy by the amount of mass does indeed bring the dose rates down, but not to safe levels. For 10MeV electrons at 0.65Gray per hour in the less intense region (and double that in the most intense region), when you multiply those dose rates by the time allegedly spent in their respective regions, you end up getting about 87 rads for just one trip through the outer belt, while the average 55MeV electrons deliver a dose of about 480rads.

I have since corrected the Joules to Gray conversion steps in my video. My apologies go out to viewers for the error and to those who left comments on the original video. If anyone wishes to re-post their original comment, I will be happy to retrieve it for them.


The first Full HD MoonFaker! Yay!

For 45 years, believers in the Apollo moon landings and propagandists alike have repeatedly insisted that the radiation encountered on such a journey was survivable. They are fond of claiming that the astronauts were "lucky" that there were no major solar flares or that the trip through the Van Allen radiation belts was "too brief". But not one of them has, to the best of my knowledge, done a single calculation based on the available data.

One such propagandist, Robert Braeunig, published an entire article in which he attempted to explain how the Apollo 11 crew "avoided" the radiation belts. His own data indicates that the crew would have spent 40minutes within a region with 1,000,000 electrons per square centimeter per second, and 20minutes in a region with 2,000,000particles were square centimeter per second. These fluxes specifically refer to electrons with energies greater than 0.5MeV. To be exact, my sources indicate that the electrons in the Van Allen belt contain energies between 0.1MeV to 100MeV, and on average are between 10MeV to 100MeV. Amazingly, Braeunig never uses the numbers in his own article to calculate the doses from exposure to such radiation. Had he done so, he would have known that his purported millirad dose rates are nonsense, and the actual dose rates - from both the primary radiation and secondary radiation - would have been lethal to astronauts. In this video, I will do the calculations using little more than the numbers Braeunig himself cited and show that the Apollo astronauts could not have survived a trip into the Van Allen belts.


UPDATE 25,9,2014: Robert Braeunig has attempted to downplay James Van Allen’s original dire warnings about the radiation belts being deadly within a short period of time.
You can find scans of Van Allen's articles in the news section of my website: http://moonfaker.com/news.html

Braeunig also neglects to tell his readers that my reference for 10-100 MeV electrons in the outer Van Allen belt was a NASA site that specifically covers the MAARBLE (Monitoring, Analyzing and Assessing Radiation Belt Loss and Energization) project. Instead keeping it conveniently anonymous and calling it a “dubious source” that “shouldn’t be trusted”.


What an intellectual coward.


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