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Published on Aug 31, 2009

Flash video I made for video production class. I was supposed to have the theme of prejudice...but the diologue was horrible and cheesey so I changed the text and uploaded it on Youtube. It was already late..so i would appreciate honest comments on wat u think..but i only had about a week and a half to do this so don't be too harsh ^_^.

In the credits under Sound Track the first should be Bleach OST (Anguish) And where it says Sonic the Hedgehog(Green Hill Zone) it is actualy Bleach OST (Rage of Lunacy) in the video. Also...sorry the song in tthe credits(Killing Moon) sounds off for some reason srry...Watch and please rate/comment.

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Devon Mazak
To all of the DBZ fans that are complaining that Goku lost CALM DOWN!!! It's a fan animation it doesn't decide anything if Goku loses that means NOTHING because we're going by a fans logic here this is how he thinks the battle would turn out it's his opinion nothing more nothing less. personally I think Sonic would win but that's an OPINION.
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This video is bullshit goku would crush sonic
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Donnell Johnson
To the people who said the super form is invincible with unlimited powers, then I got some news for you. In Sonic Adventure 2, Super Shadow nearly died after crash landing to earth, and in Sonic Unleash battle with Perfect Dark Gia, the super form has a health bar and could actually loose health when getting hit by Dark Gia attacks, proving that the super form isn't invincible.Also, notice how super sonic eventually got tired and pass out after defeating him, this shows that the super form doesn't have unlimited powers.
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Abdijabar Haji
Goku would have beat the shit out of Sonic but still I love Sonic as my favorite Sega character, Shadow is second.
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Steve Spud
Sonic would own Goku big time.
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Sanic Fast
Everyone Shut Up! Who cares if you think Goku should of won this is how the person made it and thats how its staying and theres nothing you can do to change it. Personally I think its awesome that sonic won! =D Well yes Goku is technically stronger then sonic that doesn't necsesarily mean he wins. While he is stronger is he more durable? Goku has suffered far less then Sonic anyway. =/ Wow Goku got hit by a superrrrrrrrrrrrr strong kamehameha! =/ He's sooooo strong if he survived that!!!! Newp =3. Sonic survived falling from Space multiple times. May i say that again. SPACE You know, where when you enter something called a atmosphere you burn up into ashes? Yaaaa Goku doesn't fall to earth he teleports. Oh and also Speed! Sonic is a billion times faster then goku in base form and SS doesn't help either. When he goes SS His Speed and Power are boosted bed 10,000! And he can not be harmed so he's invincible. Goku on the other hand can be hit just as much as before. even SSJ doesn't match up to Hyper or Dark sonic. His Kamehameha takes forever to charge and sonic has more then enough time to turn super and beat the crap out of goku before he even say Ka! Oh and Sonic had a chaos emerald the whole time right? You know what that means... Chaos Control. Yes Chaos Control, Chaos Control freezes space and time until the person using it snaps and turns it off. You know what that means? Goku cant move and he cant do anything because everything except Sonic is frozen!!! So Sonic can land a combo maybe turn super a shoot some sonic winds. He could poop on goky for all i care! I'm just sayin I think its perfectly fine that sonic won
Quite honestly though, Goku would demolish Sonic. The only known appearance of Hyper Sonic is in Sonic 3 & Knuckles and whatever powers he possesses are a bit ambiguous. The only advantage it seems he MAY have is manipulating space and time (which honestly, Shadow would probably be much better at doing considering he can be really powerful with just ONE chaos emerald). But without emeralds, and if Goku doesn't break his base form, he would kill Sonic. Hyper Sonic vs SSJG Goku is a little shady. Mostly because of the whole transmuting matter, space, and time thing, which I'm pretty sure Goku can't do. However, Hyper Sonic has a very limited time being in that form. And although Goku's SSJG form itself is limited, he can learn to retain the SSJG power in his base form. Sooo Goku wins.
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This video makes me laugh, Goku could kill Sonic with 1 finger.
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+songokuthegreat  That is not even his own power, he  needs the chaos emeralds to accomplish that. Even if you would give him the emeralds he'll still lose to Goku in base form in a under a second, considering he got the emeralds knocked right out of him in super form by Knuckles, he's weak. There is nothing Sonic can do to harm Goku.All he can do is run, Goku has been tanking nukes as a kid, one nuke would obliterate Sonic.
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