Finding You 2.14 "You're Here, I'm Never Alone"





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Uploaded on Dec 1, 2008


STORY; While getting a ride home, Sid takes a chance and calls Dean, who looks at his cellular dumbfounded but ultimately curious and answers. Sid wimps out and tells him she must have the wrong number, however Dean recognizes her voice and confronts her only to be hung up on. Later, Dean talks to Sam about the call but Sam remains skeptical about it since Dean had recently claimed to have let go, like she had once said. The elder Winchester says he has, but something weird is going on now.

Lucas is the one surprised when he decides to pay Brooke a visit but only finds Sid in her room, Sid is just as surprised but knows she would have had to tell him eventually. Reminded of the honeymoon betrayal, Lucas expresses his unhappiness about her being here.

Later that day, whilst Brooke is actually home, she gets a surprising visit from Sid's estranged brother Caleb, who claims to come warn her. Brooke is wary about him, so she talks to him through the door and is notified of Sid's rising from the dead. She is at lost of words when Caleb goes on to warn her about some 'demons' Sid might have brought back with her.

Now at Lucas's, Sid explains to him that she loves him, but because of her past it was hard for her to be a good wife, or a wife at all. Lucas becomes distraught and forgives her for the stand-up on their honeymoon, wanting her back, but Sid assures him it would have never worked not now that is and in the end returns her ring to him and leaves the house. He's heartbroken.

Hoping to amend more broken chains, Sid heads to Damien's place, who is puzzled of her presence but gives in to her and allows her inside to apologize of her earlier actions.

Dean checks into a bar at a nice hotel, trying to drink off any lingering ideas that Sid is alive. Ironically, Sid is leaving that same hotel and happens to walk by the bar. He looks up thinking he'd recognized someone and Sid backs up when he isn't paying attention, for a moment it looks like they caught each other, but Dean missed her again and is staring at the wall.

Peyton walks in on Lucas and Brooke having an in-depth conversation, they immediately stop when she comes into the room and it becomes awkward to where Peyton gets the suggestion it might have been a romantic conversation. That night the duo head to their favorite bar/club, TRIC, which happens to be a favorite of an old friend of theirs. Peyton points it out as someone who looks like her, but Brooke is shocked to find Caleb was right. Sid then approaches them and tells Brooke she's not dead anymore.

When sleeping, Dean can hear someone coming up behind him and because of recent events he can only imagine it being Sid, it turns out only to be Sam and Sid is actually re-approaching Damien again who is still a little unhappy with her. She says she's sorry again, but doubts it's any help.

With details from Peyton having confessed the secret she's been carrying, Sam tracks Sid down and corners her into talking. He's done his homework and knows no one had made a crossroads deal for her, an angel surely didn't pull her out of hell. What is she? Sid tries to hesitate giving an answer, until Sam literally gets into her face. We then learn the truth of our resurrected Sid. She's not what we call human, which shocks Sam, it wasn't the answer he was looking for.

Returning from his car outside his motel with Sam, he begins to experience signs that only mean one thing, demons. He cautiously looks around and then finds Sid standing in front of him, ready to out her being alive. However, Dean considers what Sam had said earlier and challenges her, she wasn't expecting that. He calls her a shape shifter or a special demon and threatens to kill her if she doesn't leave, but Sid tries to deny these claims. Dean warns her once more before being distracted and turning around to find her gone.

SONG; "Never Alone" - Barlow Girls

CREDITS; made in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
I do not own The CW or the shows; One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Chuck, or The O.C. The song "Never Alone" is copyright to Barlow Girls and in no way do I own their work, same goes for Apocalyptica's "I Don't Care". This is simply fan-made. Thank you


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