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Published on Sep 17, 2012

Lego Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in my house.
my own 17 modules

tracking the blue and red balls.

running at 1.0 balls/sec
500 balls
size : 1.5m×6.5m
path length : 31m
construction time : 600 hours

my blog http://legokarakuri.blog91.fc2.com/

1. ball factory (inspired by superbird28)
2. zigzag stair
3. zigzag lift
4. pneumatic (sometimes spilling balls)
5. cup
6. screw T1
7. basket shooter
8. mechanical train (lack of reliability)
9. screw T2
10. screw T3
11. spiral lift T2
12. elevator & coaster (coaster inspired by Hidaka's ball rolling)
13. fork
14. spiral lift T1 & step
15. catch & release
16. belt conveyor & pinball
17. 5-axis robot S750

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Hákon Halldórsson
It takes a lot of balls to pull this off.
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ปยุต ชัยสาร
Hákon Halldórsson พๆหปปกขฃคตใ#
Vinod Keshav
Hákon Halldórsson The
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Léon Ruhe
It took me more than 10 years of surfing, but the moment has finally arrived: I have found the perfect video. I was hypnotized. And when it ended, I felt cleansed. If I could give you a thousand thumbs up, I would. This is complete and utter perfection.
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Lloyd Zakabi
Planet GBC c
Rameka Dasoij8ojkna
how you make it .It is big
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Connor Love
The 1,845 people who disliked either hate Lego or are too stupid to understand how amazing this is.
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Nádia Medeiros
Connor Kobe 💻🎧😂🎷🎵😆⛱⛱😲😲😲😲👀👶🎧🕨😁🕨🎧🎧👶♥🎛♥❤🔫🎛💙🎛💙🎚💻😁💝🕨🕨😁🎧🎧🎧😁👶
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Fedoreo ™
Maybe I can build my own so it can feed me marshmallows automatically. Would any other Redditors here be interested in donating to my kickstarter? All I need is a few million. You wont regret it. - Fedoreo
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Mateusz Garbala
+Thunder Cat
Thomas Ayling
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I can't even build a LEGO airport with the instructions...
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TerrariaGaming 666
I played with Lego's when i was 2 years old and i built a big Lego police station when i was 7
Stephen Teng
I did and I was like 8 years old WITH instructions (I don't use my imagination on lego,just in life)
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Hubert Farnsworth
Best 7 minutes of my life.
Mike Larremore
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Alex Gherman
Good news!My country cannot view that link.
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I've never been this happy about blue balls in my entire life.
Philipp D
Why 1.310 dislikes?
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Sage Blackman
1.3k jealous Engineering school flunkees
Wizold Sage
youtube minority, there's always some guy hating on stuff who likes to dislike.
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Chronicler of The Shadows
Who else pretended that the blue and red balls were racing
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chronicler of The Shadows omg i thought i was the only one who pretended
Chronicler of The Shadows ににななしけこすくすきくすすくくく
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