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Published on Sep 2, 2016

A Viking war song about Úlfhéðnar, wolf warriors and Odin's elite fighting forces.
Úlfhéðnar were totemistic combat heroes who were feared for their unique martial skills and their ecstatic fierceness, which they would fuel by performing shapeshifting rituals and weapons dances.
Úlfhéðnar considered wolves as sacred, and their spirituality consisted in incarnating the spirit of the Wolf in order to acquire its power and primal wisdom.
Surviving in the wilderness, fasting, resisting extreme temperatures, living in the manner of the Wolf and learning its ways was part of the Úlfhéðinn shamanic and military initiation.

This song was 100% self-composed with REAPER. Every single vocal sound you can hear was made with my own voice (singing and throat-singing, whisperings, shouts, growls, percussive breaths, etc). I am greatly inspired by Wardruna, one of my favourite band.

Most of the lyrics come from the Haraldskvæði, a 9th century skaldic poem, and from the Völuspá, first poem of the Poetic Edda.

Note: I'm by no means a speaker of the Old Norse language and I know my pronunciation is certainly quite flawed, but please note that I tried to educate myself as best as I could for the song.

I hope you enjoy!

If you want to buy it: https://dervhengrym.bandcamp.com/trac...

Here are the lyrics:

Úlfhéðnar... Úlfhéðnar...

At bersærkja ræiðu vil ec spyrja

Úlfhéðnar hæita,
þæir er í orrostu
blóðgar rander bera
vigrar rjóða
er til vígs coma
þæim er þar síst saman

Úlfa nú geyr mjök
Yfir skógar, yfir Miðgarð



Sønner åt Úlfr...
Eg helsar Óðinn


Fylgja... Frægiligr Fylgja...

Yfir skógar, geyr Úlfr mjök
Yfir skógar, geyr Úlfr mjök

Vindöld Vargöld!
Enn himinn klofnar af þruma!
Sceggöld Scálmöld!
Mun engi maðr öðrom þyrma!



"I should like to ask thee of the position of the berserkir."

"Wolf-coats are they called,
Who bear bloody shields in battle.
They redden their spears when they come to the fight,
And then they act all in a body."

"Now the wolves howl vigorously,
Across the forests, across Midgard"

"Thunder roars!"

"Sons of the Wolf"
"Hail to Odin"


"O Guardian Spirit, honourable Follower"

"Across the forests, the Wolf greatly howls"
"Across the forests, the Wolf greatly howls"

"Age of the Wind, Age of the Wolf!"
"Thunder splits the skies open!"
"Age of the Axe, Age of the Sword!"
"No man shall show mercy to another!"


There will be more Norse/Viking songs in the future!

Music Copyright © Dervhengrym

Awesome artwork by mattilius258:

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