Who is the Villain of Life is Strange? [Proven Correct Life Is Strange Theory]





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Published on Apr 12, 2015

The tip of the iceberg emerges. Edit: I WAS RIGHT SUCKERS!

Photograph of woman at the end by Vaclav Zykmund

Fan art by: @Fofeebee

Why would Mr. Jefferson, a successful and famous photographer, teach at a high school? Someone with his level of fame and credentials would teach at a university at least. Professors have access to academic connections and resources. Universities often pay their professors to contribute to relevant journals. This would solidify Mr. Jefferson’s career and standing in the academic and art world.

What does Blackwell have to offers that a higher level teaching position doesn’t? The average salary for a college prep teacher is around 40-60 thousand dollars a year. Some boarding schools pay for teachers houses as well. But Mr. Jefferson is already successful and rich. And he is too young to be considering semi retirement.

Blackwell needs to be offering him a substantial amount of money, in addition to something he wants more than his career. Something that no place else can give him. Something that he needs to know is there before he commits to Blackwell.

The person who has enough money and enough involvement in Blackwell to hire Mr. Jefferson, is Nathan Prescott’s father. Mr. Prescott is probably also the person who hired Principle Wells, considering the principle is already deep in the Prescott’s pockets.

But what is it, that they want?

Mr. Jefferson likes beautiful innocent things. I made an entire video proving this one fact. He wants to capture them on film. There would have to be something established at Blackwell that guaranteed him being able to fulfill this desire.

Kate says that after the party she was taken into a bright room and she heard a soft voice. Then a prick in her neck. All the photo albums are of girls. And Kate is the newest album.

I think they kidnap and drug girls to take pictures of them at the peak of their beauty and innocence. I don’t think they rape them. I think they just take weird creepy pictures.

Principle Wells would be in control of the school, making sure people don’t dig too far into what is happening. Mr. Jefferson is there to take the pictures and be involved in the obsession. Nathan Prescott is in charge of drugging and kidnapping them. And Nathan’s dad funds it all.

Nathan drugging chloe was him trying to go out on his own. But he was sloppy. His continual sloppiness is getting him in trouble with the rest of the group. It’s why the principle suspends him, and why Nathan is getting more frustrated. Nathan was not supposed to let Kate kiss the other boys. That made her not innocent enough for their needs. It also left video evidence that could lead to what was really going on.

[I’m sick and tired of people trying to control me]

David is innocent. He’s the only one who suspects something is wrong. This is why principle wells is always trying to blame David for mishaps. David is trying to solve the mystery just like Max. He’s just really intense about it because he has PTSD from fighting in a war. He doesn’t know how to approach young traumatized girls about offering help. He’s too intense about it, which makes him frustrated and lash out.

Now why is it that so many people don’t get any red flags from Mr. Jefferson, but they do from David? It’s because David feels guilty for all the mistakes he has made. He knows right from wrong. And people can sense guilt. Also David’s flaws are much more on the surface.

But Mr. Jefferson doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. Quite the opposite. He thinks what he has done is beautiful.

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