Judge Judy - Dumb and dumber





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Published on Sep 12, 2010

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Charlie Bongo
I wish the camera stayed on his face to show the moment if he realized what he said.
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PickelJars ForHillary
The camera would still be there.
Kezo lastname
I doubt that he still doesn't know what he said...
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Heavy Gauge
He has the IQ of a lemon
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Don't insult the lemons.
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Chris Jenkins
I love how this is trending news on Facebook when it happened FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO!!
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Chris Jenkins your point?
It's timeless. Why would it need to be fresh to be entertaining?
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Adrian Colley
I wanted to say that this demonstrates the concept of "guilty knowledge", but apparently that's something different. This kind of stupidity has no legal phrase that I can find.
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Actually, the legal term you're looking for is an 'admission of guilt'. Confession is more a police/layperson label, but guilty knowledge sounds pretty darn close, however like others have mentioned it requires an inferential step.
Blessed Soul
Adrian Colley its called self stupidation
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Pretty sure this was how you solved one of the cases in Ace Attorney.
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Yeah except you usually trick them into revealing info after a long, tough battle. Not in less than thirty seconds due to pure idiocy. 😂
Egg Benedict
GhenryPerez "Youses think you can trick me? The cyanide was in a brown glass bottle!" sound of silence
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For the dumb people who don't get it.......... The guy just admitted he stole her wallet.
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Gaming Git
+MrMultiskatan I thought I was the only one. Thank you!
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The bailiffs face...."You dumb mother fuckers"
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neil neilo
+MrGrizmint you gotta forgive him he might have been smoking some shit before he went on that show!!!
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We need people like this, and the one's who don't get it. They're the easiest to sell things to.
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Khandaly Khingratsaphone
dumb cracks
Steve Zero
my capitalist free-loving, socialist hating ideology has failed me? fuckin genius.
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Mr. Gabe
All I hear is a mumble, what did he say?
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Guzzman 65
thabet sarhan I couldn't understand what he said either idiot. People like you are the ones that are racist because you bring race into everything!
Jamien's Gaming and Stuff
thabet sarhan no i could barely hear him too
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Cannot Display Username
Next time you feel stupid, remember this guy.
Jimmy Styx
+Jayden Rise You're experiencing a rare bug with google. It happens to some people. I, for example, have the same problem with your name.
Jayden Rise
+Cannot Display Username Cannot Display Username is your Username?
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