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Published on Aug 4, 2012

Star Wars Trilogy The Definitive Collection review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com Classic Game Room reviews STAR WARS THE DEFINITIVE COLLECION laserdisc box set from 1993. This massive box of Star Wars awesomeness contains the original, unaltered trilogy of movies (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) as well as a book about the career of George Lucase and some trailers. Highly recommended for the serious Star Wars enthusiast who can't stand watching the Special Edition movies with altered dialog, visuals and added CGI effects.

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Harmy's Despecialized Editions.
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Hell yea!
Kalhi Balto
this guy knows what's up
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[LASERDISC] Darth Vader: Luke, I am your father. Luke: NOOOOOO!!! [DVD] Darth Vader: L-l-l-l-luuu-uke, I-I-I-I-I a-am your fa-a-a-athe-er. Luke: ... DISC ERROR
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NinelivesBobcat lol you know what's bullshit reference
Here's an old LDDB joke. DVD: He was VHS! LD: No, I am your father.
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Who could forget Howard the Duck? ...more like who could remember Howard the Duck!
+Patch93 I knew the midget who played in the suit. He was a good skateboarder as well..would have fit in with the Jack Ass crew ..but he was before that..burned out pretty quick by fleeting fame him being from a small town. Sorry I'm not going to say 'little person'.
I'm glad I still haven't watched Star Wars...or I would have ended up watching the terrible altered versions Here's hoping Disney releases the unaltered cuts on Blu-ray
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+legendp2011 No...stop trying to convince me please
+bardhi09 then think of it as two different movies if you like. the one I prefer is the new. why?... becuase I don't care who came first, or who was more original at the time, or who messed up whos idea of the story. I care which version is the better movie. and after seeing both I say the newer one (in my opinion offcourse). it's 38 years since the 1977 release of starwars (closer to 40, if you are big on history you should atleast get the age right)
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Side note. Betamax quality is actually as good as digital video tapes. Much better quality than VHS.
Kyle Welsh
Don't forget American Graffiti
Darth Robin
There are on dvd too. On the limited editions.
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Roberto Aguiar
+Nitromian yes! I have this laserdisk box (bought back in 1994), and always loved the sound and image. I have also bought the latter dvd and bluray boxes, but the laserdisk is so much better.
+Realgroovy24 There was some recordable LD's available. CAV only total 30 minutes per side. Very expensive though.
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The Dark
"...evil dictators, coke dealers, doctors, or corrupt business people..." XD Mark...
Ricardo Funes
NOT original SW ! It says Episode IV.....
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Ricardo Funes
+New Name No.
New Name
it was 4 from the beginning. they just didn't market it as 4 till the series was done to avoid confusing people. he had the prequels planned from the beginning
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Kevin Striker
Shoutout to THX 1138? Noice. THX is another movie that George won't release on DVD and Blu-ray in its original form. The most modern way of watching it legitimately is either the LaserDisc or the EXTREMELY hard-to-come-by Video CD. (Currently my own personal holy grail)
+Kevin Striker What is it's original form? Edits? Did he monkey with it like the Star Wars trilogy?
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