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Published on Feb 24, 2012

Stop asking where the charged/enchanced jutsus are. They're in a seperate video.
English ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ucmc-...
Kabutomaru - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqAavV... Sorry about that, can't believe I forgot him.

Here are all of the characters jutsu, ultimate jutsu, and awakenings. Sorry, just missed a few jutsu or so. I will do the same for when the English version comes out. Enjoy!

List of characters (copied from GFAQs):
- Naruto basic (with rasenshuriken and ninetail rasengan) - 0:32
- Latest Naruto (with chakra cloak awakening) - 1:07
- Sage Naruto - 1:31
- Mei
- Ay
- Onoki
- Sasuke Taka
- Sasuke Susanoo
- Sasuke Basic (the outfit when he first met Naruto, outfit when he fights Itachi. different moveset also)
[Second Row]
- Sakura
- Sai
- Kakashi (pts version with corresponding moveset, shippuden version)
- Yamato
- Danzo
- Tobi
- Karin
- Juugo
- Suigetsu
[Third Row]
- Neji
- Rock Lee
- Tenten
- Guy
- Tsunade
- Deidara
- Sasori
- Hidan
- Kakuzu
[Fourth Row]
- Shikamaru
- Choji
- Ino
- Asuma
- Jiraiya
- Itachi (two versions)
- Kisame
- Konan
- Pain
[Fifth Row]
- Kiba
- Shino
- Hinata
- First Hokage
- Second Hokage
- Third Hokage
- Orochimaru
- Kabuto
- Kabuto (Orochimaru fused)
[Sixth Row]
- Gaara (two versions, each with a different ougi)
- Temari (two different outfits, no apparent difference in moves)
- Kankuro (two different outfits, each with its own ougi)
- Chiyo
- Killer Bee
- Young Kakashi
- Obito
- Minato (Jounin outfit and Hokage outfit, two different ougis)
- Masked man
The following two rows contain the 18 PTS characters:
[Seventh Row]
- Naruto - 0:00
- Sasuke 1:55
- Sakura
- Neji
- Rock Lee
- Tenten
- Shikamaru (Genin, Chuunin)
- Choji
- Ino
[Eight Row]
- Kiba
- Shino
- Hinata
- Gaara (two outfits, each with different jutsu)
- Temari (two outfits, no difference in moves)
- Kankuro (two outfits, no difference in moves)
- Kimimaro
- Haku

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Justin Cosby
i love God
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David naruto 14256González
Yeasin Arafat
Justin Cosby qtjfwrjj
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Gerold G
It's suck that the sequels are so copy and paste I wish they'd stop taking advantage of the fan loyalty to the series and give us the game we deserve we need an actual open ninja world where we can go online with other players. .(this is my idea). .wouldn't it be cool if we got to make our own character and be randomly set to a clan or village as a young ninja in school who ages with time (not too long or short) and interactive environment where you can enter building and not only talk to the AI's but make them a part of your characters life and it's not just determined by a script you could actually learn to care for them as you get older and the can die if you fail to protect them on a mission as well as you can die if you loose three lives so you would have to start over which would bring fear to this world (of course you can purchase lives at a store or something) . . And you also work you way up and explore the ninja world thats bigger than GTA 5 but make it first person view (or have both so we can choose) and you could be able to go to any village or clan even the one covered by filler in the series or be apart of and learn up to like 130 different jutsu including sage mode exc (every jutsu that they've covered)and bring back the hand sign like on nigga storm so players would have to remember the jutsu but except player with the sharingon there should be difference in power and special ability with every clan. ... make it so the player could be able to go rogue and start up their own akastki and villages exc I think they've half ass for to long 
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zackery Hunter
Gerold G so naruto xenovers
Dashie's Mixtape
they're sitting on a goldmine with this idea
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If anyone still plays this game on Xbox 360 add me: SparklyKamDBZ Message me when you're ready.
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Zach Hart
Lol no replies
+Johnathan scott are u active
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Thanatos Playing
Good thing I already have This Game Xbox 360
kevin arnold
Tio Zachary
i prefer listening to the japanese voices than hearing these nasty english voice acting
Tio Zachary
In my opinion, The Brazillian Voice is better than english's
Anime Fan
the English is good for some of the characters the rest suck.
ps3 eutenho o ultimo
willy 822/8752 elie
non pd
Gustavo Henrique
zoa pessoal meu personagem favorito naruto 2 sasuke 3 madara 4 obito 5 hashirama 
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