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Published on Mar 29, 2012

Read the description below, please!

I made this video only for the Nightwish's video contest. All the effort and love put into the images are just for pleasing Nightwish's fans and, of course, the whole band and team. Here you are the description of what's the vid about, but I beg you to continue reading the greetings and production. I'm a young Spanish girl (18) so almost all the images (by only me) are recorded in my country. Hope you like it. Thanks everyone.

This is the history of you. The history of every person. It's all about life and what it goes along with it.
This is the story of a quest.
Love is out there just waiting for every one of us, but there's only one thing that can make a person genuinely blissful: the truth. We all pass the whole life searching for something, looking for a reason, a sense, a meaning. We try to find it everywhere: in books, art, nature... Some of us, when hope is lost, want to find it at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. But truth is not liquid, or solid, or smoke.
Certainly, we only are able to discover the truth with all the relationships that cross each other's time. People can make a difference in our life. Some are the chosen to help find ourselves in our feelings and memories. Some will also destroy a part of us. Some, however, will be the key to unlocking the mystery of life.
It's in you. It's in me. It's inside everyone.

S is a girl who just has begun to live. She meets a proud crow, a wise owl and a lovely dove. They give her a lot of things, pride, sense and courage. But no one of them has what she's looking for. She finds love. Then, her heart is break. She loses faith. She loses herself in the bottom of a bottle. She just has the innocence of a beautiful swan. Memories make her come alive again. She tries to find truth in books, in art. Will she find it?

You just need to live to uncover the uncertainty, nonsense and fear. Live, live now and give love. Give your truth, give hope.
When you grow in mature, you'll see the world with wise eyes. Then, someday, you'll be able to setting free the swan hidden inside that ugly ducky.

I wanted to thank everyone that has collaborated in the video: @MikeHet, @JC2_v2, @EvaSmiles, @CharlesDio. They are all friends and hard-working people, so thanks to them this project has been easier than it had could be.
And then, I want to say that I'm just a girl that has made this humble video especially for enjoying. I'm not a professional, although I am studying media studies and audiovisuals, I have made it with a simple and cheap stuff. There are no professional lights or camera, nor either professional actors. Everything has been done just with great enthusiasm and effort.
I made it because I thought it was an interesting challenge trying to represent in images my own interpretation of this song, mixed with the soul of Nightwish. And all of that, mainly devoted to band's fans, as me. I cannot say it wasn't a hard job.
I've tried to make a modern and visual video, to catch every people.
The hardest part was creating a story suitable for the song. I didn't want to put together a set of images without a sense. So, finding a sense to mix up all the images, ideas and creations of my mind was the truly challenge. The rest just came by itself.
I don't like the stories of a single reading. I believe that Art is always alive, so it makes you once and again feel, discover and see things that you didn't realize the first time you experienced it. Therefore, this video wants every person to give it their personal interpretations (even though it has an official meaning).
What I mean to say is that all scenes are carefully arranged. Everything that appears in the screen has it meaning. Everything is a great metaphor that hides many secrets.
The fact is that I don't want trees to see my video. I want to make people think. In Art, public must be an active part of the piece. Without a restless audience, Art dies.
So I hope I fulfill my purpose and make you enjoy a lot.

Recording's diary:
It's taken a three long and hard weeks recording these images and a few more days to put it all together. It was an odyssey, because those weeks were full of exams, work, fever, bad weather and others catastrophes. Finally, the work was done.
Some info I want you to know:
- It was principally recorded in Alcázar de San Juan (Castilla-La Macha, Ciudad Real), Madrid and Paris.
- The books I'm reading in some scenes are "Don Quijote de La Mancha", "La Celestina" and "Leaves of Grass".
- The ballet dancer is my sister (she's so good).
Crow - @MikeHet
Owl - @EvaSmiles
Dancer - @EvaSmiles
Dove - @J2C_v2
Boy - @CharlesDio
Swan - @AliHepburn
Director: @AliHepburn
Editor: @AliHepburn
Art direction: @AliHepburn
Song by Nightwish.
Thank you very much to everyone. Have fun and live life.


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