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Published on Mar 24, 2011

ZBlood was a doom wad created on ZDoom/Skulltag (a doom sourceport) aimed to recreate the game Blood (which was made on a modified Build engine). They wanted a remake of Blood because Bloods source code was never released so it's not possible to make your own modifications (you can make maps and graphic replace, but not alter behavior or create your own new monsters and weapons and things) and also it's not possible to run Blood out of the box on newer operating systems, you need to use special programs for it (like DosBox)

Doom engine is limited compared to Blood.
GZDoom can do alot of things Blood's engine couldn't
That said... Blood could do alot of things GZDoom can't.

Remaking a game on an engine which is less advanced then the actual game, rarely ever works well... here is an example where they completely fucked up a great game.

Blood is a great game, the unique monster Artificial Inteligence, and physics (Blow a zombie skyward with a shotgun blast) are just a few things which make it what it is.

ZBlood was a very bad attempt at recreating Blood..
The levels weren't even made to be true to orginal, and alot of monsters were just skinned over doom monsters (Beast for example was just an archvile).

All ZBloods fans are those who've never played Blood, and just take it as a new original Doom WAD with new graphics..- if they played and compared it to the original, then they wouldnt enjoy it.

I made this video to show those indivuals who love ZBlood and play it frequently on Skulltag and think it's so amazing, I'll show them the real deal.
Bloods work cannot be duplicated, it is too complex.

Now as I said Doom (ZDoom) is very limited.. However, there is plenty of things in ZBlood which was just lazy and incompitent from the creators.
For example:
- You CAN script it so the zombies cannot be hurt when on the floor, and aren't solid objects when laying down.
- You CAN make it so the zombies don't get back up again when your standing on them (like the code created for Heretics D'sparil)
- Blood's Pallette or atleast png images could have been used
- You CAN recreate the Blood status bar and not use the reskinned doom one
- You CAN use the WaterLevel script to make fire based weapons not work under water, and monsters go into swim state, or even drown when they submerge
- You CAN make enemies have specific pain states (i.e shocked, burn)
- You CAN make the zombies heads be kicked around
- You CAN make it so the rats and bats cannot open doors
- You CAN make the doors open outwards instead of upwards like spaceship doors (though I understand this is a bug in Skulltag that the doors go out of sync in network games)
- You CAN make the pitchfork only make stab sounds when you attack an enemie, and not a metal barrel
- You CAN give monsters more than just 4 walking and attack frames...
the Zombie and Cultist for example had their other walking frames cut out so their walking isn't as smooth as Bloods.
- You CAN give sprites BRIGHTMAPS and make a color such as red glow in the darkness
- You CAN make it so the TNT can be held down to throw further, and even blow up in your face for holding it too long.
- You CAN create breakable scenery that you don't auto aim on like it's an enemie.
- You CAN give monsters falling damage from falling from heights with a line in MAPINFO (this code was created and used in HeXen)
- 3D Models CAN be used for 'flat sprites' like blood sprites
- ZDoom SUPPORTS voxels for weapons.
- Inventory items CAN be made, which you can pull up and use when you need them (this code created for Heretic)
- TNT CAN have a different explosion sprite when it lands on floor and when it blows up on a wall or mid-air.
- You CAN make the cultists taunt you when they've shot you down.
- You CAN stop infighting between fellow cultists.
- You CAN make trees be set on fire
- You CAN make napalm shots gib enemies on impact and deliver fire (and set enemies ablaze) damage to enemies around the explosion.
- You CAN make the pitchfork and other weapon attack frames more smoother.
- You CAN make the cultists only throw TNT when you are far away, and not use TNT so commonly.

^Now if ZBlood wasn't rushed and spat out so fast and had more dedicated developers who were staying true to the original then the solutions could have been found and fixed and made the gameplay better.. ZBlood as it is now, the weapons are akward as Hell to use, everything feels broken and unfinished.

No excuse... this wad is an insult to all those developers of Blood and to all of the die hard Blood fans...

It's sad to think, Blood only exists as some throw away cheap doom wad to some people...

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