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Published on Jun 20, 2009

The same mathematics that describes the spectral behavior of elements using techniques such as atomic absorption can be used to demonstrate that every element is self-aware and comprised of a unique spectral character that forms the building blocks of existence. It is in essence, demonstrable that every element has a unique personality that I refer to here as its NAME. This concept, incidentally, is not original with me; it arises frequently in most of the worlds scriptural texts. Here, however, I use the term more in a quantum mechanical context (although in the final analysis there is probably no significant distinction). I use the word NAME here to express the actual being or essence woven into the fundamental identity of a substance, which allows it to exist within the matrix of reality. This NAME is not an alphabetical construct nor is it phonetically pronounceable. This NAME is, rather, a quality or essence that expresses its own unique way of being. Every element and every compound made from elements has such a NAME. Scientists call it a chemical fingerprint but that is just a term of convenience that reveals no essential truth. A substance that, for example, we call silver must answer to its NAME; it must manifest all of the spectral characteristics, which define its existence. No other response is possible. That is its essential nature. The light calls it by that NAME.

When the light calls those names, universes are born. If you do not believe it, look around you. The electromagnetic spectrum that lets you see your world is generated by millions of spectral events that in every millisecond create your entire universe. You are completely immersed in a continual act of creation.

During a recent correspondence regarding one of my videos, a friend whose insights I have come to respect, suggested that Phototropes (life forms such as moths that are attracted to light) are enraptured by the light because, as he put it, "perhaps the light calls to them by name". Since I was already more than half-done with my video SPECTRUM based on the NAMES of substances, I was utterly charmed to hear the essence of this endeavor mirrored by one whom I think of as a kindred spirit, even though he had no knowledge of the project in which I was engaged. Just as in the case set forth above for the material world, you and I have an essential NAME that has nothing to do with George or Sally, or whatever name we go by in everyday life. When the light calls us by NAME, we must respond according to our essential nature.

That is to say, if we witness spectral forms to which we have an empathic response the transformative character of that experience will be consistent with our essential nature. Stand back and watch a dozen different people respond to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and you will see responses according to essential nature ranging from boredom to tears of rapture. There are actual Vatican records of people over the centuries who have fainted from the spectacle (root word spectrum). If we are lucky, the light takes us to realms that are very special indeed. If we are among the blessed, voyages to these realms are transformative. Look around you my friends; you are completely immersed in magic. I do not mean allegorical or apocryphal magic. I mean, straight up, in your face, honest to god magic. It is everywhere. It is in everything. The entire universe is manifested from it. All you need to do is look.

In any event, I give you SPECTRUM; a video dedicated to exploring the mesmerizing qualities of light. The images are not intended to depict any particular theme as my other videos do. Rather the specific objective is to merge light and color into visual forms intended to transport the viewer to spellbinding places. Light, in the final analysis, is all there is in the entire universe. When you get right down to it at the most fundamental level, everything is made of light.


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