Why I hate college, it is highschool pretty much





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Published on Aug 1, 2011

(edited and added new information on august 28th 2013)
This is the first rant of three, and yes I have decided to stay with the college topic long haul.

The truth about college, why the brochures are a lie and why if you were a outcast in high school you will be the same thing in college.
Oh yeah and I mention my cost per credit and cost of supplies minus books for my degree.

Don't get me wrong I love the learning aspect, it is just the people I despise.

Edit fri sept 14 2012: Just wanted to add it has gotten better, barely better but at least it is an improvement and most of the original snobs in my program have graduated.

Also I will graduate in 1.5 years with no debt if my plan for classes works out perfectly, so that a good thing too.
Oh and a discussion point, I want to do a animated version of some of my more interesting moments in college(exaggerated of course) so yeah if anyone wants to see that let me know but just so you know I am doing it either way.

And also if anyone else has had similar experiences, especially in the arts programs; please comment or share your experience in a video reply.

Also if I do not reply to comments it is because I am busy, most likely at CBT or doing homework or well honestly I don't know what else.

Graduating this spring, got a song planned but I refuse to dance.

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Ray Johnson
It sounds like she’s going to be a hard person to work with in the job world. I feel sorry for whoever ends up working under her supervision.
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Well I think I should do a update post. Since I made this video years ago a few things have happened. 1. I graduated from college with my degree, with a good GPA, and locked myself out of my desktop that I had my final video on. Which I recently unlocked again. I was going to upload a final video for this channel, instead of sort of pulling an Egoraptor like I did. Also I graduated with no debt, though I had to forgo food mostly for the last two years. But who needs food? 2. Many of my peers were still similar to how I describe in this video towards the end. One even outright stole something from me, yes I know exactly who stole my stuff in college. However it was kind of obvious, and in one case outright funny. Especially since the side effects from vital medicine they stole from me (and then downed the whole bottle over a weekend for some reason?) will never go away. Karma is the best in that regard. Up until the end I was the outsider in the program, and not by my own choice. But I realized back in 2014 that nothing I could do would change that, and focused on my own thing instead. Doesn't mean the outright bullying and ostracizing didn't still hurt, it did; but two years out of college I've found out many people actually like me. Also it turns out a few girls had spread rumors about my early on in the program, which proliferated and were why nobody wanted to talk to me and treated me like a freak. Who knows what college would have been like if they hadn't done that. Doesn't mean the outright bullying and ostracizing didn't still hurt. It did, but I came to a realization that if they had to do that to me then they had issues they needed to deal with. Eventually by the end of college, I had dealt with most of mine and recovered from something I wasn't supposed to recover from. When I made this video, I was sort of in the beginning recovery stages of that. 3. I am not angry all the time anymore. When I made this video I was full of rage all the time, and though many may view it as entitled I was actually just really messed up. As in "what happens when a regional society and series of communities ostracizes you at best for over half of your life" messed up. If you watch videos after this on I pretty much have one where I break down on camera. Since then I have gotten much less rage filled, now I only get slightly angry when pick up trucks try to run me off the road. Oh yeah, I can drive now but that isn't important at all. 4. I've matured a lot as a person. Anyone who watched the vlog series or the complete "How college affected me" trilogy probably saw that happening. Well it sort of continued after I disappeared. Right now I have maybe a years worth of paid experience in my field, the economy isn't that great where I am so I've had times where I had to do retail work. Soul crushing, life sucking retail work. I'm still trying to get into my field, and actively self educating myself on new technologies and design software while I'm at it. However I'm still me, just not filled with rage and complete angst that permeates my being. I am now all of 50% less angst, it's an improvement. 5. I kind of quit YouTube for awhile, for a reason. See I wanted to focus on my writing and design, and couldn't balance both out. This channel sort of exists as an archive of who I was, and how I grew over the years. Maybe one day I will come back with animations or speed painting videos, but honestly right now I don't have the time. Besides nobody wants to see a short person climb 40-150 foot cliffs with no gear so she can get one photo or paint something anyway. 6. This video serves a purpose, to make people aware that bullying and worse continue after High School. One of the things I learned in college is some people never grow out of their High School mentality, and likely never will. Those people will target others, and that's not alright. College has good and bad sides, but it is at it's core effectively high school with better scenery and better teachers. Towards the end of college I stood up to my peer bullies, and a few are now petrified of me. All I really did was use words and a certain commanding tone of voice I can do, no swear words or insults just words. I really don't know why were so spooked. Maybe they didn't expect me to stand up for myself or something. Anyway, I graduated from college with my degree which is why I attended in the first place. However one of my personal joys is that out of the 300-400 odd students starting the program, I was one of my final class of 15 or so total students that graduated. Oh and some of the bullies were not, they quit or transferred out partway through the degree. I managed to make it out and attain my goal for attending college despite them, that's a real positive from my perspective. 7. It's also a snapshot of what I was like in 2012, and to me personally it's a way to see how much I have grown since then. However I still stand by my view that college is in many ways High School with nicer scenery that gives you a better education. However if I hadn't attended I would not have grown as a person. These days I am far more humorous and much much less angst. Anyway that's an update I felt I should post on this video.. Right now I'm not able to devote time to content for this channel. But maybe I will have time in the future.
Trend Setter Sammi
I think you just have a bad attitude. I have already been to orientation and i have made many new friend. There are no cliques because most people dont know each other. 
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Aoife K
college students care too much about who they hang out with and whether or not they are perceived as being cool.  its still a popularity contest. 
I love your positive attitude.
you sound bitter 
You're so real.
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Loco Soko
The reason you dont have friends is because you dont try, you cant expect everyone to come to you snd say hi, you have to put yourself out there..people like you are always complaining about this and its annoying. you think the world owes you something but you just need to stop being so spoilt and try to make friends.
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Eve Green
You know what I find interesting about this rant? I've been listening to college men rant on Youtube, and this is the first college woman I've listened to. The college man made great points, such as that he found his fellow students unhappy and stupid. Nobody called him 'stuck up' or 'bitter' or accused him of thinking he was something special. This woman has made very similar points, except instead of making blanket statements, she provides examples, and she is branded as having a bad attitude, while he is lauded and agreed with in the comments. It is a sad commentary, and if you are wondering to yourself "Why is this woman so bitter" it is because people just like you are being negative and unfair to her on a daily basis in her real life. So basically, you are the problem. Fix your misogyny so that we can all have fewer angry people in our lives, please.
I think you'll fit in with the geeks... I can also see that you think you're something special.
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