The Great American Foreclosure Song





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Published on Apr 5, 2012

Looking to get a handle on the foreclosure crisis, the loan modification fiasco, and the robo-signing scandal? We put it all in a music video.


  1. 16

    First Day on the Job Was His Last: What Happened to Day Davis

  2. 17

    In the Interrogation Room With Nick Rhoades

  3. 18

    Sam Waterston on ProPublica & the Importance of Investigative Journalism

  4. 19

    "It Just Goes Silent": Brianna Hutto and Tylenol

  5. 20

    "An Unnecessary Number": Davy Baumle and Tylenol

  6. 21

    Close Call: Antonio Benedi and Tylenol

  7. 22

    Learn About ProPublica

  8. 23

    Has the Gov't Lied on Snooping? Let's Go to the Videotape

  9. 24

    Medicare Drugs and You: Exploring ProPublica's Prescriber Checkup

  10. 25

    How You Can Help Kickstart ProPublica's Internships Investigation

  11. 26

    Webinar: How to Use Prescriber Checkup to Power Your Reporting

  12. 27

    The Financial Crisis as Conversion Experience

  13. 28

    A Father's Promise

  14. 29

    Money is Speech: A Musical History of Campaign Finance

  15. 30

    ProPublica Happy Hour: Dealing With College Debt

  16. 31

    ProPublica Happy Hour Hangout: Free The Files

  17. 32

    Excerpts from the Deposition of Charles Buckman in the Case Against Joseph Caramadre

  18. 33

    Excerpts from the Deposition of Robert Mizzoni in the Case Against Joseph Caramadre

  19. 34

    Microtargeting in the 2012 Campaign

  20. 35

    Finding Oscar: Separated By Massacre, a Father And Son Reunite Three Decades Later

  21. The Great American Foreclosure Song

  22. 37

    Oh, Super PACs! A Music Video

  23. 38

    Bloomberg signs law that prohibits religious profiling by NYPD

  24. 39

    Without Autopsies, Hospitals Bury Their Mistakes

  25. 40

    Please Join Robert Redford in Supporting ProPublica

  26. 41

    The Redistricting Song

  27. 42

    ProPublica's Tracy Weber on Anderson Cooper, May 18, 2011

  28. 43

    ProPublica's Dafna Linzer on CNN, April 25, 2011

  29. 44

    Abrahm Lustgarten on Fracking for Bloggingheads.TV

  30. 45

    ProPublica's Sasha Chavkin on MSNBC, April 12, 2011

  31. 46

    Pennsylvania Budget Hearing, Department of Community and Economic Development

  32. 47

    The Monster Under the Water

  33. 48

    The Toppling: How the Media Created the Iconic Fall of Saddam's Statue

  34. 49

    Tainted Drywall: Search for a particular company

  35. 50

    Tainted Drywall: Find Tainted Drywall installations near your home

  36. 51

    Tainted Drywall: List CPSC reports in a particular month

  37. 52

    Tainted Drywall: View an address on street view

  38. 53

    Tainted Drywall: Find information about an individual address

  39. 54

    Farshad Yewazi, Lost in Limbo: Injured Afghan Translators Struggle to Survive

  40. 55

    Campaign Finance Experts on Leadership PACs

  41. 56

    Triple Canopy Investigation, Deposition of Ronald Boline

  42. 57

    Deadly Choices at Memorial Medical: What It Means Today

  43. 58

    Ruth Ann Terry, former executive officer of California Board of Registered Nursing

  44. 59

    Geithner: This Is a 'Broad Architecture'

  45. 60

    Rep. LaTourette on the 'HOPE for Homeowners' Program

  46. 61

    Greenspan Says I Still Dont Fully Understand What Happene

  47. 62

    Bernanke Was 'Sanguine' on Derivatives

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