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Published on Nov 7, 2010

100k views broken... wow.. just.. o.o
Thanks to everyone who took part in the discussion below and thumped up and told their friends, epic appreciation towards those who even subscribed! More to come!

Trailer for Advanced Combat Environment. A modification for ArmA2, that makes you wish you'd still be playing CS:S and had crosshair and health indicator!

Please do note that this video shows just tiny fraction of what ACE mod is about.
First to begin with, ACE mod is divided into few parts, which I'll try to explain as good as I can.
Over 5000 Views?! O_o I was never expecting anything like this! Thanks go to Sickboy for giving me this chance to finish the trailer, and AnimalMother for including the video in the release thread!

First comes ACE, the core of the mod. This enhanses gameplay, adds custom settings, so the player can decide how hard he wants the shit to hit the fan.
The core mod adds for example: The medical system, which means you have to carry bandages and motrphine, and other medical equipment with you. This makes you think, will you carry that extra mag, or the morphine that your friend might need just minutes after? Also Combat deafness is another thing the core adds: If you plan on sticking along with heavier weapons, such as Machine guns or armoured vehicles, be sure to carry a pair of earplugs with you, unless you want the noise to go away for good.

Then comes ACE_X, standing for Advanced Combat Environment Extras. This adds... how to put it.. SHITLOADS of new weapons, new vehicles and even some new units. ACE_X is divided into three separate parts: ACEX_RU, which adds the btr-70, and various new planes for Russian side! Then there is ACEX_Navy, which adds for example desert scheme US Marines!
Last but not least, comes ACEX_SM, the SM stands for Sound-Mod, which does what the name tells. Changes and enhanses games sounds. ;)

So, now I have told you what ACE and ACEX does, now what powers all that?
Thats where CBA comes in. CBA = Community Base Addons, adds lots of new possibilities for scripters, and ACE mod heavily depends on it. Don't forget to download this one kids!

When this all is put into a bowl and mixed toghetter, you'll get one hell of a mod, making your gameplay feel so much more fun in so many occasions!
Some features I did not mention in the video or description are:

-Dragable jerrycans and ammo.
-Wearable gasmasks, and throwable teargas to go with it.
-Flashbangs, Claymores and other super cool ordnance!
-Fast roping! yes! Fastroping from HELICOPTERS! now with pie flavor!
-Real ejection seats! Once you eject, your dear seats comes out too!

Now I am going to explain another awesome thing called EAS:

EAS = Exchangeable Armament System, is what allows you to load the ordnance to planes, you need! You aint gonna shoot tanks with Aim-x9 now are you? You'll rip those buggers off, and load Maveric guided missiles instead! Lots of infantry? Cluster bombs for them, chirstmas is close, bring in the presents. :P

I dont want to make this any longer, so do yourself a favor, shoot yourself into right leg and go download ACE and all of its components today!
I will hopefully make tutorial about this later, but its so super easy with the Six-Updater software, that you dont need ME teling YOU how to do it, now do you?

NOW; as I forgot to add these, I'll just leave these here...

OFFICIAL RELEASE THREAD: http://tinyurl.com/2v6ox6g (don't be afraid to click)
MUSIC USED FOR THE VIDEO: Globus - Preliator, thanks MrocznyMag for reminding it. Didnt feel like digging that name trough my music folder anyways. :D



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