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RT Podcast: Ep. 337 - The Cat Condom Catastrophe (ft. Felicia Day)





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Published on Aug 19, 2015

Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free , Burnie Burns and special guest Felicia Day as they discuss condom-eating cats on this week's RT Podcast! This episode episode originally aired on August 17th 2015, sponsored by BrainTree ( http://bit.ly/1II1Ni2), MeUndies (http://bit.ly/1K8qW9z ) and Pizza Hut (http://bit.ly/1KMLBkq)

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RT Podcast: Ep. 337 - The Cat Condom Catastrophe (ft. Felicia Day)

Comments • 1,839

Felicia Day
Felicia Day2 years agoHighlighted comment
This was amazing, so glad to be on the RT podcaaaaaast!
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Barbara, what have they done to you?!
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Marc Lewis
So Felicia Day will cross the street when she sees someone wearing a Halo shirt but will happily do a podcast with people who made a name for themselves from a Halo machinima
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Right as this started. I was looking straight at Felicia Day and I was like "Wtf, is that the chick from Supernatural!!"
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Elvis the Alien
Trailer Drake
God dammit.  I love Felicia Day and I love Rooster Teeth, but the reason why Squirrel Girl is amazing is because she has useless powers, but is able to beat LITERALLY ANYBODY in the Marvel universe.  Hell, she's friends with Galactus.
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Lunala Doll
Ohhh, I got real nervous when they started talking about Trump. My heart sank when Burnie said he's a Trump supporter (even if he was joking) - Blech. I'm just glad politics isn't a normal topic on the podcast.
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Casey Tucker
Now I remember why I don't read comments on Youtube. Honestly, I thought RT had a better fan base. Sadly there is a good chunk of you who seem to enjoy perpetuating hatred. Have you ever suffered severe social anxiety? In regards to avoiding people in gaming shirts, having voiced an opinion online and then been harassed and threatened, coupling that with pre-existing social anxiety, I to would have avoided them. GamerGate may have started as a philosophical debate but it devolved into a rabid mob and lost sight of it's original objective. At what point do you stop protecting a Name more than the original Cause. Continuing to harass someone long after the incident is a sign of small mindedness and pettiness that is all to prevalent in society these days. Especially online. For every fandom and community that is welcoming and inclusive there is an increased opposite amount of vitriolic and exclusive. You found a home in videogames and comic books and geekdom when the normal world ostracised you and you should embrace that and love it, that doesn't mean everyone experiences it the same way, or that they should. It also means you should know what it's like to be bullied and harassed and therefore not wish to pass that pain onto others.
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Matthew Evans
I knew the guest would be some YouTuber I'd never heard of
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Melanie Singh
Me: Oh hey, a female gamer on the RT podcast, who seems to be incredibly knowledgeable and charming and funny! Maybe this girl won't be torn to shreds in the comments like literally every other female in RT videos! Me: reads comments Me: Okay. Alright. Um.
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