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Published on Mar 29, 2012

As an Iranian in response to lovely care of people in Israel, I made this video to show and tell you Israelis that WE LOVE YOU TOO & WE WISH YOU PEACE ALL THE TIME

به عنوان یک ایرانی برای پاسخ به کار دوست داشتنی شما مردم اسرائیل این کلیپ را ساختم تا به شما مردم اسرائیل نشان بدم و بگم که ما ایرانیها هم شما را دوست داریم و برای همه شما آرزوی آرامش و صلح داریم

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sonia Tip
We are very aware that many Iranian do not support their government. May God bless you and all the Iranian not conflicted with a heart or tongue of hatred. Stay strong and be blessed!
nava dvir
You are brave and I admire you very much!!!!!! i am israeli ..
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Mirit Hendrickson
im Israli and i love you too! So sweet of you
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I am iranian too and i love jews and love Israel people of the world must understand that it is the goverments and bad politicians that are bad not the poor people i live in sweden and i have no hate for anyone specially jews
Very nice, and brave man, because there is no freedom of speech in Iran, and the Iranian government is hating Israël. Respect for this man!
Orr Amsalem
i am israeli and i admire you
Nooriel Aboab
I am Brazilian Jewish and we LOVE all the PEOPLE of IRAN ... I HOPE ONE DAY I CAN SEE A FOOTBALL GAME BETWEEN ISRAEL VS IRAN IN TEL AVIV. Allah blessing IRAN AND ISRAEL...Thanks Asemane Sabz for the video; Beautiful person like you can change the world for better...Assalamu Walekon Asemane.
Hircine M.
maybe it's late to comment on this video but as an Iranian who live in Tehran I have no problem with people of Israel and all Jews and why I shouldn't love you guys too (majority of Iranians I KNOW will agree with me) . I'm an atheist and I only believe in peace, kindness and better world for all humans. extremists in both sides only bark for their benefits. in Iran anti-Israelis and govt. want to keep their power by creating an "enemy" and shoving the idea in ingenuous Iranians minds to control them. in other hand anti-Iranians political parties in Israel want to win the votes of extremist Jews to gain power. overall in my opinion both sides of haters are helping eachother to preserve their power to control ppl and money in Iran and Israel... Peace & Love from Tehran, Iran
I'm an American and I'm encouraged by this message of peace and love. Make more videos to break the fog of lies about your people that are permeating the West. May God bless you...
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Amin Ahmadzadeh far
He is not iranian he is israelian dog We are not good with israrl becouse they kill many people and they support isis and they say iranian government is dangerous but they are the most dangerous country in the world becouse they want to take all of the palestinian region .
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