What Genesis Got Wrong: Part 8





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Published on Aug 10, 2010

Part 8 of this video series examines alternative readings to the biblical story of creation, specifically looking at Andrew Parker, author of "The Genesis Engima," and Gerald Schroeder, author of "The Science of God," and their approach to Day 4 of the Genesis account of creation.

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Urist McTubedwarf
what music is that its amazing...
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Randy Narozniak
I don't know what is wrong with you people! Why can't you accept that we all live in a giant snow globe --except with the water on the outside?
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Frank Toldt
I love how apologetics will find SOME way to make sense of the bible.. as if it HAS to be right. I guess it does to protect their own minds and beliefs.
The more I look at this, the more it's clear Genesis 1 cannot be taken seriously literally, and Ken Ham is absolutely mad.  The thing is, we have removed large books from the compilation we call the bible in the past because they contradicted other books or were written too long after-the-fact, like whichever one Kung-fu Action Jesus went out and fought dragons. Surely we should remove Genesis 1 from our modern bible under that same reasoning? It's all supposedly written by Moses hundreds of years after the fact, a man who was never there to witness the events themselves, not even the days immediately following the beginning of humanity. 
Yes, if you're going to insist that the moon is a light, as the bible insists it is, then you have to agree that ponds, rivers and oceans are too, since they reflect sunlight. The problem with the fundamentally religious is that they maintain teleological thinking after childhood. They'd probably nod if you told them that the atmosphere was created so that people could whistle hymns.
Steve Harvey
The bible could not have been inspired by any god or creator because it fails to accurately describe the creation. It would have been fantastical if it had, but it doesn't. Believe in something greater, a reason, a purpose, an after life, but please treat the bible as the folklore and myth that it is. It's the 21st century. Most of the stories in the bible were only useful to people 2000 years ago anyway. Besides, if god created everything he could have created his own book. Why didn't he?
Steve Harvey
I literally cannot believe that people have believed this crap for 2000 years. Other smarter people in Egypt and Greece and elsewhere knew the Earth was spheroid 2300 years ago. There's a sucker born everyday and a fraud to take his money. Ignorance = evil.
"A few Greeks reasoned that it must be so." Actually no, they proved it with mathematics, facts and experimentation... You know... like it should. But the point of the video is to show that the bible wasn't inspired by an omniscient being, if inspired by anything other than human imagination at all. 
No, the Greeks found out nothing. A few Greeks reasoned that it must be so. Even then it remained little more than a curiosity serving no practical purpose, just as the notion of a global earth remained so until humanity's ability to sail long distances and the lure of Asian riches demanded it become reality. Otherwise, our senses continue to see a disc rising in the East and setting in the West, and the stars but tiny lamps in the night sky, some of which occasionally fall to our flat earth.
Andrew Parker sets a new world record for clutching at straws and wishful thinking.
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