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Published on Aug 12, 2011

Lost Destination

Music / Chorus lyrics: 150P 
Lyrics: UmiUsagi
Illustration: HekiCha
Video: HDLV 
Chorus voice: OreBanana (1:53~2:32)
Guitar: Nimono / mty

Nico Source: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15271378

mune o tsuranuku itami kensaki tsutau shizuku
nukumori dake o yadoshi nandomo koe o nakushita
seigi to ka aku da to ka namae o tsukete warau
suiageta nikushimi mo kurai tsukushite sasageta

motomeru mono wa moroku kuzureta suna no oshiro ni uzumorete kiete ku

fuminijirareteku ai no uta wa kami sae mo kudaku
arasoi wa taezu namida wa karehateta
risou o narabeta yomaigoto o misuteteku tami o
kirisutete chikau aka somaru chi to onaji na kono te de

aisuru hito itoshiki hibi kowarete yuku kami wa doko e yuku no ka?
ai o kizami tsumi o kizami hitomi yadosu kanashimi mo nikushimi mo

Endisti faliti untis ladiris
Rondi nus Fagi nus
Lekta nontiras

motometa mono wa uragiri haramu kiri no oshiro ni sugata o kaeteku

seinaru mamori te uchikudakare sabitsuita yubiwa
uragiri no kamen mi ni tsukete odoreba
yami ni shizunde ku taiyou sae utsukushiku chitta
hizamazuki utae inore amata no ikenie ni sono na o

hitomi no naka utsuru hito wa dare? ai mo yume mo dokoka e wasurete
kokoro no naka ureu hito wa dare? fui ni namida nagarete kieteku
harisakeso na mune no itami sae suteru koto wa dekizu ni kakaete
namida hatete koe mo karehatete hidoku itamu mune no okufukaku

fuminijirareteku ai no uta wa kami sae mo kudaku
arasoi wa taezu namida wa karehateta
risou o narabeta yomaigoto o misuteteku tami o
kirisutete chikau aka somaru chi to onaji na kono te de

EDIT: Slightly updated. I didn't notice until now that the last line has a slight change in kanji: 地/血 (earth and blood, respectively, both pronounced "chi"). Very tricky, ahaha.

Oh my God, this was a nightmare.

1) Almost no pronouns/marked subjects
There is no 'we', 'you', 'I', 'us', 'he', 'she', etc. in this song. None at all. As such, I tried to keep the subjects as GENERAL as possible.

2) Antiquated/weird usage of kanji
0:25 'Warau' is generally means smile/laugh (笑う). The kanji for this instance of 'warau' is 哂う, strongly giving the impression of contempt/ridicule.

0:48 'Uta' generally means song (歌 or 唄). The kanji for this instance of 'uta' comes from the word 'utau' (謳う), meaning "to express, to declare," etc. Therefore, instead of "songs of love" I went with "expressions of love".

1:01 Okay, this is the weirdest one. For 'yomaigoto', the song uses '世迷い事' instead of the most common spelling, '世迷言'. Typically it means "nonsense", "muttering" (can't understand the other person) but the kanji the song uses implies nonsensical/wayward thing, so I just went with "absurdity".

3) Words with historical meaning.
A number of words in the song have older meanings. For instance, at 3:12 the word 'chitta' (past tense of 'chiru', 散る) is used. The line could translate to something literally like, "the sun that set into darkness would have scattered/disappeared beautifully", but 'chiru' can also mean 'to die a noble death' and I tried to convey that idea in the translation ("would have died beautifully"). There are others too, most of them having double meaning with cutting things/cutting down people beneath you in social standing, etc.

4) Japanese metaphors
In my opinion, this is the most important part. In Japanese, the word for chest is 'mune'. That said, 'mune' is used A LOT in Japanese expressions the same way we use the word "heart" in English.

For instance, at, the line 4:45 literally means "even the pain of your seemingly torn open chest". In Japanese, "torn open chest" is an expression of grief, much like "heartbroken" in English. Same with 'itamu mune' (pained chest) at 5:20.

Basically, the song is being very clever and addresses both physical AND emotional pain—the pain of being killed and the pain of killing.


For those wondering, 150P explained in a blog entry that the "12 Person Chorus" refers to Len Act 1, Power, Cold, and Serious x 3.

Apparently HDLV made the video in 5 days. Wow.

150P is planning on writing another blog entry about this song! I will update with more later.

Thanks for watching/reading! I would love feedback on the translation since I feel like I didn't do it justice.

All questions/suggestions welcome!

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