4 People Witness Angels Pulling People From Car Wreck!!!





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Published on Jul 8, 2011

Four different people witness angels pulling people from a two car wreck - people were pulled from both cars by angels! One person, who was unconscious, and whose car was engulfed in flames, actually FLOATED IN THE AIR, OUT OF THE CAR, and the other person, who was a very heavy person, was pulled through an opening no wider than 8 inches!!!
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Comments • 2,065

L. Hov
TIME IS SHORT!!!! GOD IS REAL AND HE IS HERE!!!! FOR PROOF OF GOD GO TO: www.signsandmiraclesfromgod.com and www.cloudmiraclesfromgod.com
this is great, what gets me is people will believe in witch craft, dragons ,demonic forces, yet refuse to believe in the one God that saves.
Drkovac 11
Thank you god
God is truly amazing!!!
Selene Erickson
OMG god and Jesus is real I still believe in God and I sometimes see this white person with wings in dark rooms and I know that God is trying to protect me from something and I get this tingly feeling on the top of my head like an angel putting a crown on my head and I never get hurt and I feel wisdom
Gene Anderson
Mofi Kadi
Prise God.
Lisa P
eagleye161, I'm so sorry for your loss. In September my Ex husband had a massive heart attack while driving us home. Our 2 children buckled in the back seat. In poring rain ,power outages, traffic lights weren't working. I was able to stop that vehicle in a 5 way intersection. We did not even hit a curb. I know God was with us. I got the kids to the sidewalk, pulled him out,began CPR. He died 2 days later in ICU. This was the most heartbreaking event of our lives. My children saw it all. I'm shocked, he showed no sign of feeling ill. I guess God has a plan for taking some & leaving others. I pray you find peace. It's hard. I replay that night & the sounds over & over in my head. God Bless.
My wife and two kids were killed in a car accident last week. They were driving home from school when they were struck by an oncoming vehicle going to opposite direction. They driver of the other vehicle had a blood alcohol content of .19, well over the legal limit. Everyone involved in the collision lost their lives that afternoon. Other drivers reported they heard screams for help as both cars burned due to the release of gasoline. Thanks for clicking read more. Now I must confess that I just made that story up, but think about all of the people who have experienced a situation similar to this. Over 1 million people die each year resulting from car collisions, and millions more from many other causes. So that really begs the question, out of all those tragedies why are there so few people being saved? Why don't these "angels" just prevent the collision in the first place? What are the qualifications to be miraculously saved? What have these people done with their lives since they were saved? Why do "angels" "reveal" themselves to believers more than non-believers? Why aren't all believers saved from tragedies? Are some people more deserving of life than others? Now people who believe in these sorts of things will say something like "the people who were saved were true believers" or "they have a purpose in life to fulfill." But we all ready now those can't be true because it's not only religious people who are supposedly saved be these "angels" but around 90% of these reports of "angels" ARE believers. So we find that it is not the people who are being saved, but the people who are observing these things happen. (People who have a bias and an extreme desire to witness such an occurrence) Although it sounds nice to believe in these things and it gives people an irrefutable argument for the supernatural, the logical implications of this argument just does not seem to support itself. So believe will be left with their untouchable "faith" and shut themselves off to all reason saying "it is true to me." That is a dangerous stance to take and you must forfeit all credibility after making a statement like that. It is dangerous because these people pass on these beliefs to impressionable children and promote closed mindedness. I really do wish that there were angels who were protecting people from harm and blessing people with their harps and trumpets, which were the popular musical instruments at the time of their inceptions, I wonder if their any any angels who play an electric guitar. Imagine an angel playing stairway to heaven as you are welcomed through the "gates of heaven." I really wish I could believe in such a thing, but in order to do so, I would have to ignore all my sensibilities. Thank you for taking the time to read through my comment and I welcome all well thought out responses.
Carlos Pereira
I believe!!!
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