Russellian Science: Conical Vortex Motions part 2





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Published on Oct 20, 2010

The two spinning discs represent the cathode bases centering the interior horizontal plane of "still magnetic light" which is a mirror projecting light from the inside of each wave field into the wave field of it's neighbor. There are three interior planes, which are all 90 degrees opposed to each other.

The corners are the dynamic motions of em simulated light. The faces of the cube only reflect the static condition of the cube, which is an idea at rest in eternity. Since we live in a dynamic moving Universe, the 8 directions of the cube show the dynamic internal motions within every Atom, Sun and Galaxy. These diagonals are "cube 3", which is the same as the length of the Vesica Piscis, 1.732
This should be food for thought to all you sacred geometricians out there.

@0:08 the Cathode planes project Cathode waves to the corners of the Cube. It must be reminded here that this is only representing the motions in on corner, whereas in reality there are 8 vortices moving out to the 8 corners in the dynamic directions while 6 vortices are moving in the static direction of the cube as radarred reflections. So, it is very difficult for most people to mentally image all of these motions simultaneously, but this is what is happening.

@0:20 a new system is being created by the collision of opposing cathode waves, creating a new anode with it's resulting sphere and ecliptic plane of expansion. Which will radar back any simulated light it receives.

@0:45 the newly formed anode system becomes it's opposite a cathode base to reproject it's motions back to the centers of the wave fields which gave motion to it.

@1:40 an excellent demonstration of how the motions are projected through each other from one wave field to the next. The Cubes are rotated for you so you don't have to mentally image the process, making it easier for most to see how the cathode bases of cones are rotating in the same direction, but appear to be rotating clockwise and anticlockwise when viewed looking inward towards the center, from the magnetic bases of the cones.

@2:00 one can clearly see that the left base of this dynamic system of opposed vortices is the North clock wise inwinding direction towards the corner and the wave field boundary. The right cathode base is projecting it's electricity anticlockwise to meet the other electric vortex stream to create another anode and resulting ecliptic plane of expansion with the rings which will form the base of the cathode that will reflect these electric motions back to the centers from which they came.

@2:10 note the anticlockwise direction of the electro-magnetic vortex

@2:24 we see a reversal of that which was projected outward to wave field corners being reflected back to the centers of the cubes

@2:32 newly formed cathode waves from the ecliptic created at the corners reprojects the em simulated light which was projected to it from the cube centers.

@2:40 the em simulated light is returning to cube centers and the energy is spreading along the ecliptic and forming rings which will be reprojected back to corners perpetually.

@2:49 Note that: it is again one direction which appears as two and is easily see in the vertical ecliptic plane which is rotating anticlockwise in the cube to the right and clockwise in the cube on the left.

@3:07 onward the process is sped up a bit to give a feeling of what is going on at trillions of times each second to give us the illusion of "substance of matter", to which there is none.

There is nothing but electromagnetic motions in this Universe, simulating the eternal dream of our Creator which we are dreaming with it, for we are all ONE with the "Universal One".

Description by Robert Arnett Otey

Free Energy and Free Thinking


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