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Published on Nov 4, 2017

About polo Ralph Lauren perfume.

Thinking about this perfume, Polo Ralph Lauren, which is often told by his uncle.

I tried collecting about the smell that I felt, and tried it as a song.

【Polo Ralph Lauren's perfume is briefly summarized】

Green long-loved perfume.

This Polo Ralph Lauren classified as Herbal Chipre.

It is a crowd who created the history of the green system itself.

It combines refreshingness and depth, and has no hatred.
However, it becomes too astringent when it puts on too much, it smells odysan.

If you want to refresh a small amount is enough.
And you choose a scene.

For gifts, it seems to be pleased to elderly people.

Those who are young but wear polo Ralph Lauren perfume

From the person who knows it as genuine oriented, I think that it will be placed at first glance.

【Polo Ralph Lauren scent image on piano BGM


Polo Ralph Lauren scent improvised by image.

Please use it also for BGM.

【About Polo Ralph Lauren Perfume

Looking at Polo Ralph Lauren

Famicell classified as "Herbal Shipl".

You can see that.

Is it herbal or herbal?
I do not understand well, but honestly.
However, it is a green system, a feeling that it is perfect for adult men.


I can say that, but I also have refreshing.

I wonder what it is called a famous scent.

【Polo Ralph Lauren's point of perfume

In the fragrance of the green system, Wood.
There are fragrance of cigarette reeves, leather etc mix.

Very good balance than anything ....

As the forest wet in the rain deepens the smell
This Polo Ralph Lauren also seems to have a deeper smell on rainy days.
Such a perfume makes me think like that.

【Polo Ralph Lauren's perfume ingredients? 】

Spruce, basil, chamomile, herb, time

Cloves, herbs, herbs

Leather, patchouli, moss, leaves

【Current situation of perfume of Polo Ralph Lauren

It seems that it was hard to get in the past
It is relatively easy to obtain now.

Other than polo Ralph Lauren, polo blue, polo black, polo sports, etc ...

As series, there seems to be many.

Please try out Polo Ralph Lauren first.

I like it but it's a bit too strong ...

In that case polo sports are recommended.

【How to purchase Polo Ralph Lauren Perfume?

You can purchase from here.

http://satorukamoshida.hatenablog.com...% AB%E3% 83% 95% E3 % 83% 82% 82% E 3% 81% 97% 28% E 3% 83% 94% E 3% 81% 97% 28% E 3% 83% 94% % E 3% 82% A 2% E 3% 83% 8 EBGM% 2904/11/2017

【For those who like Polo Ralph Lauren's perfume】

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Well, it is like this.

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