1. Soaring No Longer E08 "Feel Like Frodo" (Hardcore CTM)

  2. Soaring No Longer E09 "Tower of Sour" (Hardcore CTM)

  3. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E41 "Pickles the Pegasus" (Silly Role-play)

  4. Man vs Minecraft - S4 Day 1 "Twilight Forest" (Role-play)

  5. Minecraft MineZ E19 "Kill On Sight" (Zombie Survival Server)

  6. Borderlands E01 "Nailed It!" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

  7. Soaring No Longer E07 "Look Out!" (Hardcore CTM)

  8. Minecraft Coterie Craft RPG Texture Pack (16x, Easy Install!)

  9. Man Woman Minecraft - S2E2 "Jungle Wood" (Jungle Island Survival )

  10. Minecraft MineZ E18 "Fresh Start" (Zombie Survival Server)

  11. Minecraft Tutorials - E54 Boathouse Boat Dispenser (Survive and Thrive III)

  12. Skyrim TV - E49 "Troll Cave" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

  13. Minecraft Adventure E30 "End Realm Prep" (Game-play/Commentary)

  14. Man Woman Minecraft - S2E1 "Bungle in the Jungle" (Season 2 Premiere!)

  15. Soaring No Longer E06 "Diamonds!" (Hardcore CTM)

  16. Minecraft Dad E114 "Spy-Chicken Farm" (Family Multiplayer)

  17. Ace of Spades [04] with My Son (Family Multiplayer/Commentary)

  18. Minecraft MineZ E17 "Fort Erie Siege!" (Zombie Survival Server)

  19. Minecraft MineZ E16 "Northbound" (Zombie Survival Server)

  20. Minecraft MineZ E15 "Lost and Found" (Zombie Survival Server)

  21. DayZ of our LiveZ - E18 "Poopalicious" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  22. Soaring No Longer E05 "Stop Playing Around" (Hardcore CTM)

  23. Minecraft Adventure E29 "Good Night, Irene" (Game-play/Commentary)

  24. Skyrim TV - E48 "Valtheim Towers" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

  25. Soaring No Longer E04 "Little Stinkers" (Hardcore CTM)

  26. Minecraft 1.3 Prerelease - How to Install Tutorial (1080p)

  27. Minecraft MineZ E14 "My Heroes" (Zombie Survival Server)

  28. DayZ of our LiveZ - E17 "Pole Dance" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  29. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E40 "Pet Cemetary" (Silly Role-play)

  30. Ace of Spades [03] with My Son (Family Multiplayer/Commentary)

  31. Soaring No Longer E03 "Beware of Creepers" (Hardcore CTM)

  32. Minecraft MineZ E13 "I'm Gonna Die Here" (Zombie Survival Server)

  33. Minecraft Adventure E28 "U Missed Diamond!" (Game-play/Commentary)

  34. Soaring No Longer E02 "Call Me Al" (Hardcore CTM)

  35. Minecraft MineZ E12 "Chirpa's First Day" (Zombie Survival Server)

  36. Paulsoaresjr Tough Mudder 2012 Mt. Snow VT (10+ miles, 25 obstacles, lots of mud!)

  37. DayZ of our LiveZ - E16 "Storming the Castle" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  38. Skyrim TV - E47 "Expensive Steak" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

  39. Ace of Spades [02] with My Son (Family Multiplayer/Commentary)

  40. Ace of Spades [01] with My Son (Family Multiplayer/Commentary)

  41. DayZ of our LiveZ - E15 "Country Living" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  42. Soaring No Longer E01 "Tutorial World Nightmare" (Hardcore CTM)

  43. Indie Test Drive: Ace of Spades (Multiplayer Builder Shooter)

  44. Minecraft Dad E113 "Chicken Bomb!" (Family Multiplayer)

  45. Indie Test Drive: Slender (1st-Person Horror)

  46. Minecraft MineZ E11 "Incognito" (Zombie Survival Server)

  47. Minecraft MineZ PvE Server - No Player vs Player Combat (Zombie Survival Server)

  48. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E39 "Abracadabra" (Silly Role-play)

  49. Minecraft Adventure E27 "Not So Merry" (Game-play/Commentary)

  50. Minecraft Adventure E26 "Tough Mudder" (Game-play/Commentary)

  51. Man vs Minecraft - [S3] Making Day 10 - Goblins! (Part 2)

  52. Man vs Minecraft - [S3] Making Day 10 - Goblins! (Part 1)

  53. DayZ of our LiveZ - E14 "Light My Fire" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  54. Minecraft MineZ Public Test Servers! (Zombie Survival Server)

  55. Minecraft MineZ Texture Packs: Medieval and Modern (Works in Progress!)

  56. Minecraft DayZ Mod - Beta 1.3_3 (Zombie Apocalypse Survival)

  57. Man vs Minecraft - [S3] Day 14 "Hot Air Balloon" (Role-play)

  58. Minecraft MineZ E10 "Luclin and Fans!" (Zombie Survival Server)

  59. Minecraft Tutorials - E53 Note Block (Survive and Thrive II)

  60. DayZ of our LiveZ - E13 "Night Shopping" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  61. Minecraft MineZ - E09 "Fort Erie" (Zombie Survival Server)

  62. Minecraft MineZ - E08 "The Mighty Bowl" (Zombie Survival Server)

  63. Minecraft Adventure E25 "Stronghold!" (Game-play/Commentary)

  64. Minecraft 1.3 Pre-release Overview (with Chirpabrine!)

  65. DayZ of our LiveZ - E12 "Barrel Roll Greeting" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  66. Minecraft MineZ - E07 "Whitehaven" (Zombie Survival Server)

  67. Minecraft MineZ - E06 "Heading North with Jumbo" (Zombie Survival Server)

  68. Minecraft MineZ - E05 "Evergreen Manor" (Zombie Survival Server)

  69. Skyrim TV - E46 "Shrine of Clavicus Vile" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

  70. Minecraft Adventure E24 "Finding Stronghold" (Game-play/Commentary)

  71. Minecraft MineZ - E04 "Wolv is Immortal" (Zombie Survival Server)

  72. DayZ of our LiveZ - E11 "Steams My Beans" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  73. Minecraft MineZ - E03 "Friends" (Zombie Survival Server)

  74. DayZ of our LiveZ - 10 "Pub Crawl" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  75. Minecraft MineZ - E02 "Sniper!" (Zombie Survival Server)

  76. Minecraft MineZ - E01 "Kill Paul!" (Zombie Survival Server)

  77. Minecraft "Soartex Fanver" Texture Pack (64x HD)

  78. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E38 "Seedy Character" (Silly Role-play)

  79. DayZ of our LiveZ - 09 "Cookout in Cherno" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  80. Minecraft Dad E112 "Need More Monsters!" (Family Multiplayer)

  81. DayZ of our LiveZ - 08 "Winchester Rifle" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  82. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E37 "Chest Wound" (Silly Role-play)

  83. DayZ of our LiveZ - 07 "Pork Chop" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  84. Minecraft Adventure E23 "I'm in the Lava!" (Game-play/Commentary)

  85. Minecraft Snapshot 12w26a (Single-player World Hosting, ie LAN World)

  86. DayZ of our LiveZ E06 "Step Right Up" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  87. Minecraft Dad E111 "Endless Caves" (Family Multiplayer)

  88. Minecraft Dad E110 "U Missed Coal" (Family Multiplayer)

  89. Minecraft Dad E109 "Making B-Day Challenge #2" with Remmi, Jumbo and MCMom

  90. DayZ of our LiveZ E05 "Never Say Die" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  91. Coming Soon! (Minecraft 1.3, More Mods, Family Survival, etc)

  92. Minecraft Dad E108 "The New World" (MCD Server)

  93. DayZ of our LiveZ E04 "Bad Fall" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  94. Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Mod (Removes Automatic Healing!)

  95. Man vs Minecraft - [S3] Day 13 "Goblin Hunt" (Role-play)

  96. DayZ of our LiveZ E03 "Are You Friendly?" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  97. Minecraft Dad E107 "Blowing up the Old World" (MCD Server)

  98. DayZ of our LiveZ E02 "Guns N Bugs" (Zombie Apocalypse in 1080 HD)

  99. Minecraft: Tale of Kingdoms E36 "Kingdom Upgrade" (Silly Role-play)