The Constitution Song ("Despacito" Parody)





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Published on Oct 19, 2017

Review the United States Constitution, Preamble and purpose, Articles and Amendments, all to the song of the summer, "Despacito."

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The Articles of Confederation
They be giving us, such frustration, yeah
Limits feel like strangulation, yeah
Oh, we must meet up in Philadelphia
Close the windows and lock the doors
We the people of the US in order

To form a more perfect Union, provide
For the defense, see Justice ain’t denied
Promote the general welfare of all our lives
Oh, yeah, and to insure domestic Tranquility
And to secure the Blessings of Liberty
To ourselves and our Posterity (ordain this)

Splitting up the government into three branches
Executive, Judicial, and the Legislative
Separating powers and insuring balance
Building on the concepts of the Magna Carta
Locke, Voltaire, and Baron Montesquieu are borrowed
Still James Madison is called its father
(What does, what does, what does, what does, it say)

Article I’s about the Congress
House and Senate
They regulate and tax, declare war
Writing laws with the elastic clause
(Necessary and proper, baby)
President and Executive fall under Article II
III’s about the Judicial Branch
Both of these parts are brand new

Article IV’s about relation
Between the states and nation
V covers new amendments
And their ratification
VI is saying federal law will always be Supreme
VII says to make this real nine states will have to agree
Checks and balances ensure no branch is growing too strong
The Court declares unconstitutional what it thinks is wrong
If the law ain’t good, the President can veto
Congress can override, impeach his seat too
Federalists papers, 85 to make ya
Want this Constitution, Publius’s a faker
It’s really Hamilton, John Jay, and Madison
Still there is one thing I can’t help feel is missing
Oh yeah

Will pass if we promise to have a Bill of Rights
10 Amendments, I could talk about them all night
Wanna know them, click here, and you will be alright
Delaware’s the first state to ratify
New Hampshire is ninth, it’s now bonafide
And the new plan takes effect nationwide
(Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah, huzzah, huzzah)

A living document, it’s meant to adapt to the times
27 Amendments so far
One repealed ‘cause it went too far
(Prohibition, prohibition, baby)
Representative democracy, ensures the people
Are the real source of power
And this country remains ours

We the people wanted a more perfect Union
Founding Fathers came up with this great solution
Plan of government that we are still using


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