Is it real : The Loch ness monster





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Published on Oct 20, 2007


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Edit : 17/11/08
Thank you all so much for your views and comments, well all the positive ones anyway. I think i owe you another video like this.. I just have to think of a subject to do it on.

Hye guys. this is the first adaption to my new series of videos Is it real?
Ok now being a scot, i do believe in the monster of loch ness. But some might not and please...if you are leaving comments do not have them like this.
"The monsters F***ing fake" That may be your opinion but only your theroy please.

edit: 5/12/08:
Thanks again :) this video seems to be high up lol anyway i just wnt to say that all the negative comments.. i'm sorry you have to reading them..but theres no way i'm deleting about...560 negative comments..that is all :)

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if it existed  it is a plesiosaurus not the lock ness monster 
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Naga Dragon Admirer
If Dinosaurs still existed, they would breed into big population so far... I think what you see is the Mythical Naga or lake serpent or lake monster, ogopogo, water dragon whatever people can call or imagine them to be.... Naga or Phayanag is spiritual.. nobody can prove or se the whole body of them...because when they show up, they come in form of serpentine rippling wave...
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Shadow Assassin
0:19 and 1:10 are totally real 0:22, 0:26, and 1:07 could be anything 0:34, 0:38, 0:59, 1:15, 2:00, and 1:48 are probably real until 0:57, those could be anything 1:03 is a drawing 1:18 looks sad and deformed, but is more than likely real 1:22 is probably a look-back on pleseosaurous, but could be loch ness  1:25 - basically to the end is just a bunch of pictures and probably fake 1:45 is totally fake and so is 1:56
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The only problem I have with scientific explanations is when they say it can't be a plesiosaur.  Scientists who subscribe to evolution believe animals evolve and change physically over time.  It should never be out of the realm of possibility that this is some type of plesiosaur, evolved or otherwise.
Riana Tiplea
I think that some are not real life and I also think that some are real life and Giselle Valdez is so right I some times think that other people are right and Im wrong but now it dus not mater
Giselle Valdez
But the first foto was just a stick pepol found the stick that shape of nessie mabey its more than one monster just like movies and cartons nessie dosent want to be discverd because if they find her they might kill her or lock her in a zoo if i were nessie i would not be very happy the found me.
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Tar Man
The Yes voters think the monster is real. 
Aaron Dill
Job 40:15-24  15 “Look at Behemoth,     which I made along with you     and which feeds on grass like an ox. 16 What strength it has in its loins,     what power in the muscles of its belly! 17 Its tail sways like a cedar;     the sinews of its thighs are close-knit. 18 Its bones are tubes of bronze,     its limbs like rods of iron. 19 It ranks first among the works of God,     yet its Maker can approach it with his sword. 20 The hills bring it their produce,     and all the wild animals play nearby. 21 Under the lotus plants it lies,     hidden among the reeds in the marsh. 22 The lotuses conceal it in their shadow;     the poplars by the stream surround it. 23 A raging river does not alarm it;     it is secure, though the Jordan should surge against its mouth. 24 Can anyone capture it by the eyes,     or trap it and pierce its nose?
Muhamed Poric
human kind discovered 5% of world oceans,who knows what lives in that 95%?
''I need about three fiddy''
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