Against Me! - Thrash Unreal (Video)





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Published on Oct 26, 2009

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Thrash Unreal (Video)

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Ya know, i spent 3 1/2 years in Iraq as an infantrymen. While i was over i wrote letters to bands, this was the only band to ever write me back and it was hand written.
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+TheNicerDicer because we respect there bravery and willing to risk their lives to fight for the country. That's why
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Toby B
so much hate for Laura- when i got into punk i thought it was full of open minded people and full of people against the powers that be in our society- seems nowadays, or outside of the scene i was part of, there's no less bigotry and idiocy in the punk scene than in general society- it's depressing how uncapping and vitriolic and aggressive people can be against things they don't understand
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kate white
Paul Bilotto she* Laura*
Paul Bilotto
Who gives a fuck if he got the chop? It's tom/ Laura's choice best of luck too her too me that's as punk rock as fuck
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inb4 youtube takes this down for having a shirtless woman in it.
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kate white
KangarooCdub Wrong And False
Too bad no matter how hard he tried he will always be a man. His dna says so. Can't change that and it doesn't care about ones feelings.
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Can we all be quiet about Laura Jane Grace's gender switch and just take time to appreciate the amazing music Against Me! produces?
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Guus Broeren
Kira Wertz its not really a becoming its more her realizing what She really is.
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Charlie Beare
It's not tom/laura, it's not he/she. It's Laura and she. Get the fuck over it.
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You are deluded. It's all about the brain
dancearchitech1134 Scientific/medical study.
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i'm literally so angry reading all those fucking disgusting comments, like, do you know how hard it is to be and come out as trans, especially as a trans woman, since femininity is seen as weak and disgusting when it's practiced by someone assigned as the male gender at birth? y'all are fucking gross and i don't need this kind of negativity in my life, i can't believe people are still like this in 2014, soon 2015. you all are fucking terrible people.
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kate white
baanana199928 2017 and shit still isn't any better
Rickii Breithaupt
baanana199928 hey you dumb poser you and no you ain't no punk rock if it hit you in your c***
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Howli n'
It drives me crazy how much hate there is within the punk "scene" . Some of you act like the most elitist douchebags I've ever seen. "oh this isnt punk, you dont know punk, I know punk". That is the exact opposite of what punk is about. Go fuck yourself.
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"they dont know nothing about recovery.." chills everytime
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Charlie Wow
Crimson_ Sean
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So Zetta Slow
Courage, even a punk artist can become a beautiful woman, good for her.
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kate white
FukkG oogle shut the fuck up, do us all a favor and go die. :)
FukkG oogle
LOL HE makes a hideous beast of a woman. Will literally never look female short of massive plastic surgery, and after that even looking human would be tough. sucks for HIM that HE has such masculine facial structure.
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Turd Furgeson
Fucking great song. Idk what all this transgender bullshit is about, I obviously missed something. All you people should just shut the fuck up. The last thing a transgender would want, I assume, is a bunch of wannabe social police and other idiots making stupid fights about it. I'm here for music, not dick and vag arguments...
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Tony Tags
bergcycles1 vote for trump by chance?
Fuck you. People are all entitled to their opinions bitch
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