The Complete History of the Sony PlayStation





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Published on Feb 21, 2011

G4 presents a look at the history of the original Sony PlayStation.

This file has been re-mastered to be one full length video! It is not necessary to hunt around for other parts.

Although there are some inaccuracies, this is a brilliant piece that portrays the history of the PlayStation.

PlayStation Museum - Preserving the History of PlayStation

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Comments • 1,079

Seth Forbus
I consider myself a PC gamer, but some of the exclusives on the PS1 were freaking fantastic. Anyone else grow up with Spyro and Crash Bandicoot? What a great childhood. 
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Gen Warts
john funaro remember Sega had the 32x and cd as well.
Lucas Yanez that's why Microsoft Xbox and brand is a dying console right now nobody wants it lol
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Freedom FROM Religion
 If Playstation hadn't come along, console gaming would have remained mario trying to fight a mushroom.
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+Trollmen Mctrollster I see, Wasn't I right about the PlayStation controller?
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only 2 company's i never wanna see go away is Nintendo and sony. i used to like xbox till they tried to control the industry to there liking only.
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PPSSPP Android Gaming
+Mark Asher 😂😂😂lmao
Mark Asher
I used to feel the same way. But then Microsoft fired everyone responsible for all of those bad decisions. Today, I love Microsofts pure gaming direction and I think that they've got a better grasp of the market than Sony.
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Javier Torres
The music makes me feel I'm watching a serial killer documentary.
Yeah, Playstation changed the world! Not shitty xbox! Ps for ever!
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+Jmeon4eva Not a chance. Xbox is far behind the PS, the PS3 had the most powerful CPU and GPU of its time, 2006 until the PS4 or any powerful gaming pc that outruled that fact. Xbox 360 has the most little kids screaming into the microphone. Xbox 360 has a weaker CPU than the PS3, the Xenos or Xbox CPU only has 3 cores, when the PS3 has one core controlling 7 other more powerful cores, making it possible for far better games with 10x the graphics and 10x better gameplay, but developers of its time were too lazy and not many ports were made for it until it was getting extremely popular in 2010, In America at least. Xbox is not, and will never be the best console, even with it's popularity, it will not be better. Unless you watched the video, Sony made a more powerful console than any other at it's time, it had flawless 3d graphics gameplay with more polygons to fit on objects in the game. It also made gaming to what it is today, without the PS gaming would still be considered for kids and nintendo would have ruled the gaming community, even if the xbox still came out, it would have much less games and they would be specifically made for kids, including the fat controller.
+Jmeon4eva ...Or worse, considering Xbox gave birth to the legend of little underage kids playing Rated M games and screaming into the microphone at a public game because of rage. Playstation will always be further than the Xbox, you or no other xbox diehard fanboy cannot deny this fact even if they have a witty fact to say. If the PS had not came into the market, Xbox would not have existed.
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Bilawal ilyas
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Some guy
Do you mean play station or playstation?
David Somoza Domenech
Well, yes. Playstation, as a hardware platform is a brand.
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Nintendo and Sony for ever! Microsoft can go die in a hole! And it'd be cool if SEGA magically came back (which will never happen).
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+Nostalgia MadPspmad That can't be possible, as retailers said (Not literally) that they were not carrying any kind of SEGA console from what I read or heard.
+Nostalgia MadPspmad Yeah, truth be told I actually like Microsoft. Nintendo and Sega have always been my favorites... But I'm a softie for all companies :D It'd be cool if they could all live forever :(
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Xbox fanboys go away, PS started everything, even your kiddy xbox 360 controller got reference from the PS controller, Xbox would be the biggest shit ever if the PS had not come.
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+Schplien used to be nintendo now ps
+alonzo lopez yep
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Fuck you Microsoft
Ivar Quilop
and EA
kids and skylanders news team
Thanks Nintendo for creating the death of sega and yourselves
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Gamer88 a number doesn't sell consoles, games do, Saturn was a pretty shitty console when it comes to games, while PlayStation has the best on the market
Benjamin Stites
Nope not Nintendo at all. Microsoft killed Sega from the inside when they partnered with them on Dreamcast. I mean come on They announced Xbox right after Sega announced Dreamcast as discontinued. Sounds like an inside job to me.
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