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The aftermath. Jemi short story. Part 6





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Uploaded on Jul 13, 2011

Joe:*pulls her closer:still asleep*

Demi:*eyes water;thinks:Why is he doing this?
He just wants to be friends.I still
love him though;lets out a breath she
didn't know she was holding in*

Joe:*wakes up* Dems? *sees her tears* Oh,Demi

Demi:*looks away*

Joe:I'm sorry,Demi

Demi:That's all you can say

Joe:What else do you want me to say?

Demi:(That you still love me) Nothing

Joe:Demi,I don't know what to say

Demi:*moves away*

Joe:Demi,don't *gently grabs her arm*

Demi:Ow! *jerks her arm away*

Joe:What happened?

Demi:*lying* Nothing

Joe:*grabs her*

Demi:No! Don't!

Joe:*rolls up her jacket sleeves (with much difficulty);sees
her scars* Demi

Demi:Let go of me!

Joe:Dems,why are you doing this?

Demi:Don't call me that

Joe:*frowns* Demi,please?


Joe:*kisses the scars on her arms*

Demi:*winces;the salive burned the open scars*

Joe:*seeing her arm made him mad at himself;kisses her
arm slowly*

Demi:*mumbles* Ouch

Joe:*grips her tight*

Demi:*tries to take her arm away*

Joe:Stop it *kisses every inch of every scar*

Demi:*sighs to try and stiffle a yelp*

Joe:*lays against the headboard*

Demi:*keeps her head down*

Joe:*pulls her so she leans on his chest*

Demi:*tries to get up*

Joe:*holds her tighter* Don't leave me

Demi:YOU left ME

Joe:*sighs* I know

Demi:Then why can't I do the same?

Joe:*kisses the back of her neck* Because I love

Demi:No,you loved me,past tense

Joe:No,Demi,I love you,I still do

Demi:Well,maybe I moved on

Joe:Did you now?

Demi:*stays quiet*

Joe:*a smirk played on his lips;he knew she didn't move on*

Demi:I have a date...after the concert tonight
Yeah I know,Demi doesn't cut nor did she ever cut,but still,it's my interpretation of what I thought should have somewhat happened. Anyways,there's only one part left but I might post a whole other short story,it's called "Nightmare" but I'm not sure if I should seeing as I'm not getting much feedback on this,so you guys just let me know if I should post it (:


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