Chernobyl Decay and Deformed





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Published on Apr 28, 2008

NOTE: Monetized by copyright owner, not by me.

Please read information below:

WARNING: Video contains graphic images.

Music: This music used for this video is by Craig Armstrong. The title of the track is 'Escape' and it is from the Plunkett and Macleane OST.

Photography: Most of the photos are by Robert Knoth and are used with permission.
The remaining photos are by Paul Fusco.

Music © Warner Music Group/Craig Armstrong
Photography © Robert Knoth/Paul Fusco

Not all photos are related to this accident, some are added for effect.

If you would like to help some of the victims of this terrible event, please visit: http://www.bridgestobelarus.org.uk/ (Registered UK Charity)

EDIT: Just to clear up the confusion, the photos that feature 'Asian' people are not from this incident, the rest are. In other words 99% of photos in this videos are from the Chernobyl collection by Robert Knoth and/or Paul Fusco.

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A serious Russian screwup that contaminated much of Europe and worse yet the Russians lied about the disaster
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Paranguamico Tirimirruaro
How powerful is radiation... That helicopter just smelted down like butter...
jo mana
Russia really fucked up but they couragously fought to contain the disaster, so many have died and many knew it was a desth sentence but they still went in.
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Tina Bean
Can’t scroll through the comments of any disaster without seeing all of the tinfoil hatters. Everything is a false flag event. Apparently no tragedy in the history of the world happened as recorded. It’s all a conspiracy. You wouldn’t use radiation for population control, and render the land completely useless. Especially when you could just poison water supplies. Why would they kill people so slowly so they will stick around, and eat up resources for the rest of their natural life? It’s nonsensical.
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who else wasn't expecting the picture at 2:22.😨
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💔💔💉💊🔪🔫💣💔💔💔 war is OPPRESSION power to the PEOPLE! we must lead, govern, represent OURSELVES!
ricardo garcia
I dont think this was an accident at all.
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Ekonom na cestách
I have just went there recently, the nuclear plant is completely covered and there is ban to enter buildings. It might be shut down completely very soon. :( If you want to check some pics, check my page: https://www.facebook.com/HonzasTravel/posts/1879833158952362
Mixed Chick
Omg I'm fucing disturbed
Peter Rabitt
Lest we forget, the brave 10,000+ firefighters who died. We must never forget those brave men who gave their lives, all 65,000 of them. And we must always remember the 23,000 poor children, and their 234,000 parents, who died while trying to help the 450,879 brave firefighters who died that day. It's so sad to think, there's literally hundreds of millions of empty places at the table tonight because of Chernobyl, a disaster which so far has claimed billions of lives and threatens to wipe out all sentient life. Even in the far reaches of the galaxy, the effects of Chernobyl are being felt by the countless trillions.... quadrillions of planets which have been totally decimated by this cosmos-shaking event. An event which will have repercussions for all time, and in the furthest reaches of our universe. For even the boundaries of our space-time are not enough to contain the unthinkable reach of this cataclysm...this cosmic apocalypse. How many countless googols of beings, transcending even our 3 dimensions of space must suffer because of our shortsightedness? Exaggerating is fun!
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