the birds waking up my sister





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Published on Apr 11, 2009

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really old video of my conures waking up my sister lol...

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They dont look like they're waking her up, they look like they're trying to go to sleep with her.
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Christopher Alvarez
my birds name is ricky and bambe
tom Ska
are you asian
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Hug -A- Bull
When the one bird poked it's little head out of the blanket, that was the cutest thing ever!!!
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Morgan Freeman
mmm... nahh not really funny
annoying person
Congratulation, you got 911 likes
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Kyukyusaurus Rex
I would love to be woken up like that.
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Mustafa, Mostafa
Cheshire Cat y
Cheshire Cat
I have a sun conure which is like the one in the video. If you keep your lights off at night they will keep quiet. In the morning if it's still a bit dark they will be quiet but if it's bright then they will scream.
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"If we can't beat you, we're gonna join you!" 1:13 So cute. XD
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sabertoothbunny k
huaLANHUAhua yes 😂
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5 million views! Thank you!!!!! Never thought it would get so many! I just put this on as trying out how YouTube worked lol. Didn't intend on it being so popular:) thanks everyone!
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CRazyAnnabeth yes I agree. She was already woken up before the video. She wouldn't get up so I like usual had to resort to using the birds to get her up. I couldn't eat breakfast until she's up. I was very careful. Thank you for your concern because I also urge other owners to be safe with their parrots .
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Rem ko
Thats how i accidently squashed my lovebird. one of the most saddest days of my life.
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Ragnar Ahlman
Literally Pepe
people have done the same with human babies... never sleep with things that are squishable!
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Nicole K
My cockatiel did this. I would get up in the morning, let him out of his cage, go back to bed then I would hear him fly and then id feel these tiny feet walking on top of the comforter up to my shoulder. He would get up to where my head peaked out of the covers and sing loudly right next to my fucking ear lol its like he knew that would annoy the shit out of me but he was too cute to do anything about it.
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Peter Walker
Try having a few thousand in the grain paddock near the camp house.
Rephaim Laufey
Oh wow! try having three budgies
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Diana Velasco
the birds think inside the blanket is a fort
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Mohd. Shafeeq
Orion meteor poop
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Jamie Caldwell
Being awakened by two beautiful conures -  now that's what I call starting the day off right !
Christin S.
"Hey, you under the blanket! Move over! We're going to bed too!"

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