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Published on Oct 10, 2011

Prayer to Ma Durga for her blessings. "Kavach" literally means armour. It is said that a person who recites the Durga Kavach regularly and with devotion, is protected from all ills. He/she receives great fortune, fame and fulfillment of all wishes.

दुर्गा कवच मन्त्र:

ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै

मार्कण्डेय उवाच ।

ॐ यद्गुह्यं परमं लोके सर्वरक्षाकरं नृणाम् ।
यन्न कस्यचिदाख्यातं तन्मे ब्रूहि पितामह ॥ १॥

ब्रह्मोवाच ।

अस्ति गुह्यतमं विप्र सर्वभूतोपकारकम् ।
देव्यास्तु कवचं पुण्यं तच्छृणुष्व महामुने ॥ २॥

प्रथमं शैलपुत्री च द्वितीयं ब्रह्मचारिणी ।
तृतीयं चन्द्रघण्टेति कूष्माण्डेति चतुर्थकम् ॥ ३॥

पञ्चमं स्कन्दमातेति षष्ठं कात्यायनीति च।
सप्तमं कालरात्रीति महागौरीति चाष्टमम् ॥ ४॥

........ complete lyrics: http://goo.gl/2zRIcg

Track: Durga Kavach
Singer: Gundecha Brothers
Album: Durga Shakti



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Vasant Navratri 2015: March 21 - March 29
Maha Navratri 2015: October 13 - October 23



For the devotees of mother Durga the most authentic text is the Durga Saptashati. This ancient text is actually a portion of the Markandeya Puran. This Puran contains, among other things, details about the rites and rituals for devotion to goddess Durga. Of the 134 chapters in the Markandeya Puran, 13 chapters, (chapters 78 - 90) are devoted exclusively to goddess Durga. Our sages have opined that those who wish to pray to goddess Durga as their main deity, should follow the directions given in these chapters. These thirteen chapters, along with other material that our sages have added over time, are collectively known as the Durga Saptashati.

To be able to recite the whole text would not be possible given the constraint of time in this day and age. Therefore, the sages have further concluded that if one was to recite the three major prayers of the Durga Saptashati - durga kavach, argala stotra and the keelak stotra, one would get the same benefit as if he/she were reciting the complete Durga Saptashati.

Accordingly, this album contains these three prayers in conjunction with an invocation prayer (mangalacharan), and a prayer in praise of goddess Durga (durga stuti). The album also contains the bhagavati stotra, a prayer for forgiveness (kshamaa mantra). and finally the famous Durga aarti, om jai ambe gauri.

While Goddess Durga is worshipped throughout the year, there are two specific nine-day-periods called the navraatri, which are considered especially auspicious. These fall during the month of March-April and then in September- October. The dates vary according to the lunar calendar and can be confirmed from the Hindu almanac. It is widely believed if a person listens to, or recites these prayers during these periods he/she can get whatever boon he/she wishes for.

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