Tampa FL, 7/6/10. Rain Damaged Grass and Plants...Things to Consider





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Published on Jul 6, 2010

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Tampa FL, 7/6/10. Rain Damaged Grass and Plants...Things to Consider.

With so much secrecy going on with the current gulf oil crisis, everyone is a bit paranoid. RIGHTFULLY SO too! With the media blackout BS they are not only pulling, but ACTUALLY GETTING AWAY WITH, we are all turning more and more to each other for news and updates. Because of this, we need to be careful what we say and what information we spread amongst ourselves. We need to ALL do our best to keep the information not only honest, but as accurate as possible.

I made this video just to show what some of you could be seeing on your lawns. I know I am seeing it, but I also KNOW that I was seeing it well before the BP job, because I was looking! Most people who are now examining lawns and plants have just begun doing so since the disaster, so are obviously concerned about any signs, symptoms or problems with our plants. The problem with that is so many of these people are not familiar with horticulture to begin with so a great many of them really have no idea what they are seeing.

When we decide to comment on things, I think we would all be better served if we tried to keep our comments within the bounds of our actual knowledge. In other words, don't claim to be an expert, or 100% sure IF YOU ARE NOT!

Please do not mistake what I am saying as me saying that no problems exist with the rain in certain areas which will then of course end up affecting crops. I am well aware that those problems do exist. I am simply suggesting to look into the recent weather patterns, do a little research on what you are seeing, and certainly do a little waiting to see if your plant conditions worsen, before jumping to any crazy conclusions..ESPECIALLY before deciding to eat it.

I would really like to suggest everyone start focusing a whole lot more energy, focus, time and EFFORT into asking, insisting and demanding BP stops with the poisonous chemical RIGHT NOW!

DO something about it, and do it now! By all means go ahead and make your you tube videos about it as we need to spread the word, BUT DO MORE! Call your government officials. Call them ALL. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Send the emails, start the rants. Contact the celebrities in Hollywood and ask them, BEG them to come out and get involved. They ALWAYS have cameras, people, fans, followers, politicians, paparazzis, and more following them around. The eyes of America is always on them. People buy and read STAR magazine and others just to try to follow and keep up with their favorite stars.


We have technology to deal with this ON THE SURFACE! So why are they so hell bent on sinking it with POISON!?!? Regardless of how many millions of gallons are flowing, STOP WITH THE CHEMICALS so it can and will float up so we can deal with it. Kevin Costner has a FLEET of machines he wants to put to work. Why can't he? HE NEEDS MORE STAR BUDDIES OUT FOR SUPPORT. We have mega ships out there ready and willing to suck up this oil, if they would just allow it...and QUIT SINKING IT WITH THE CHEMICALS! We have microorganisms that we can use that actually CONSUME the oil and return it to non toxic organic compounds. These things clean beaches in a matter of weeks. They work before your eyes. WHY are we not using these??

HELP! DO MORE than watch you tube videos! Do more than post more you tube videos. Do more than comment on the you tube videos! This goes for you guys living outside of America that are reading this too! YOU can have an impact as well! Get up off of your bottoms and AT LEAST pick up the phone NOW before it's too late for ALL OF US!

Email your favorite stars. Call them when they are on radio shows. Ask them, BEG THEM to help us! THIS IS GETTING DIRE!



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