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Published on Nov 16, 2011

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Nak3dHalo explains the complex story of Halo before the Battle of Reach begins.

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Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross

Written & Narrated by Nak3dHalo

Written by Dodger

Edited by Schroeder


LORE - Halo: Reach Lore in a Minute!

200,000 years ago, the Forerunners were an advanced species, ruling the universe with their 1337 skills and fancy weapons. Then came a nasty parasite known as The Flood which started infecting and possessing all sentient beings in its path, making them mad ugly. With the Flood consuming entire planets and being generally annoying, the Forerunners decided they had no option but to build gigantic WMDs called Halos. In 100,000 BCE, these Halos were fired for the first and only time, effectively killing all sentient life and starving The Flood FTW.

Fast-forward 102,500 years, humans have colonized space but are engaged in a civil war. Earth's United Nations Space Command starts stealing little children and training them into Spartan super soldiers to counter the insurrection. On February 3rd, 2525 humans meet the Covenant, a collection of religious aliens who worship the Forerunners and think firing the Halos will send them to heaven. Clearly they didn't get the memo. Anyway they declare the humans a threat to their Great Journey and begin destroying buttloads of human planets. The Spartan super babies from earlier grow up and kick some Covenant ass, but the humans are still outnumbered, outgunned, and are getting massacred.

By 2552 the Office of Naval Intelligence thinks we're all gonna die so they initiate Operation: RED FLAG and send all Spartans to Reach for capture of a Covenant vessel to find the alien homeworld and steal their leader. But first the Covenant find Reach and send thousands of ships to destroy it. The Battle of Reach begins.

Have fun!

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