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Published on Oct 18, 2011

A Stewardess in the TV Show "Pan Am" sings a verse of the German National Anthem.

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"Deutschland ueber alles" doesn't mean "Germany over everyone" as is commonly believed here in the States.  In 1871, when this song was created, Germany was still a nation very much divided among kingdoms, states, and principalities.  At one time there were over 300 German tribes and kingdoms.  Each had its own dialect, or its own version of the German language, too.  Attempts to unify the German peoples into one nation usually failed.  This song is heralding that, even though they are wide and varied, they are Germans overall.  Hence Deutschland ueber alles.  Incidentally, the Germans have been totally united only four times in history.  Once by Charlemagne, or Karl der Grosse, in 800 AD.  Then again when this song was written, in 1871.  They were united a third time under Hitler, (the Third Reich), and now again after the reunification of 1990.  A very independent people.  And a great people.
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Robert Trindade
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Rudolf Brzęczyszczykiewicz
Why everyone thinks that was an anthem of Nazi Germany?! It was an anthem of Weimar Republic - probably the most "peacefull" country in that Europe :) Shame on you ignorants.
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Flyz it Dies
What happened to my fatherland ;,( it's fallen to shit
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Dom H
This comment section is full of idiots.  The context is that she is a French woman who was forced to learn the German national anthem during the Nazi occupation of France.  Now the war is recently over and she's found herself due to her job at a party in Berlin where the Americans and Germans are drinking together like nothing happened.  Thus, as a French woman, she's singing the anthem caustically, sarcastically, and bitterly, and out of spite, for the cooperation between West Germany and the United States that emerged after the war.  
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Arische Ehefrau
the french are now singing my shit how ironic
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Portugal es España
God save the german empire
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Zachary O. Ray
Nationalism needs to make a big comeback. Sick of this globalist multicultural cesspool we call the 21st century.
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F.A. Kefacebook
American here. We were on the wrong side. Now the white race is being genocided, pushed out of its own countries. We were always a minority on this Earth, and the other races despise us. If we don't start working together and supporting each other, there won't be any of us left.
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Cleto Marroger
The future of Germany is not German.
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